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I've unintentionally lost weight

I am 21 and 5"5. 6 months ago I weighed 13st 1, without any change to my routine or diet I now weigh 11st 4. I was always a size 14 but now I am a small size 14/12. Yes, I am happy to have lost weight but concerned as it was unintentional and I feel continuously tired and fatigued. My gp thinks me losing weight is great but I'm concerned.

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Losing weight is great, I would maybe seek the advice of a different GP within the practice and explain your concerns to them as losing weight with no changes to your routine would ring alarm bells to me, as for the fatigue I went through that this time last year and now need B12 injections every 3 months and I don't suffer from it anymore .Good luck and I hope you get to the bottom of it soon

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Thank you for your reply, is the b12 injection only offered if you are significantly low in vitamin b? I've just got on the scales and lost a further 6lbs since Christmas despite eating loads!


I had blood tests done and they came back ok then a couple of weeks later they called me and said it was actually borderline so I had to have them repeated, by this time though I had started taking a B12 supplement and was feeling loads better, I told GP that and stopped taking the supplement till I had the blood test repeated, and it came back that I was deficient, so I would definitely ask for bloods to be taken, it could also be your thyroid so it is worth having blood tests done for lots of different issues x


I would be concerned about this too, Wellj, as these are possible signs for diabetes too.

Did your GP do any tests at all? eg blood test/urine test.

Have you found that you're hungrier, thirstier, or needing to pee more?

I think want-2-b-slim is absolutely correct, advising you to get a second opinion.

Good luck! :)


Please seek other help. I had a similar experience in my thirties when I lost weight rapidly in spite of eating everything in sight. With me it turned out to be an overactive thyroid. I'm not suggesting that is your problem just that it didn't get diagnosed till tests were done. Unexplained weight loss should always be investigated. Good luck


Yup, may be nothing to worry about but you know yourself best. The symptoms you mention could be a lot of things, not least diabetes, so your GP ought to be listening to you and doing tests.


Please please please go back and ask to see a different doctor. Unexplained weightloss is a very worrying symptom.


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