Any tips on losing weight with Fibromyalgia?

Hi , I'm new on here and would love to hear from any fellow Fybromyalgia sufferers who have any tips on losing weight?

I eat very healthily , vegetarian , dairy free , gluten free etc - I do yoga and pilates most days , pain permitting and also walk . I've had my Thyroid checked and results always normal - The main problem is my abdomen area , so any advice welcome !! Thanks in advance 🙄


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  • I have had fibro for over 15 years now. At first it was totally unbearable and I could not function or walk at all for the pain. And the brain for was really bad. Now I am on 100 milligrams of Amitriptyline at night and diclofenac 3 times a day through the day and they have transformed my life completely and I can now function like a normal person, walking, holidays, babysitting grandchildren everything. I know that this combination does not always work for everybody but it works for me and I can't sync my medical team enough for getting me started on it. Message me if you want to talk about it any further.

  • Wow that's amazing!! So happy for you . Can I ask what you were on before the Amitriptyline and Diclofenac?

    I've been on a number of Pain Management courses and even though I try and follow some of the techniques advised, I'm no better. I try and pace myself , eat healthily and do gentle exercise but it's still a struggle :( .

    I've started taking Vitamin D capsules as prescribed by my GP and have managed to reduce some of my meds , which is good.

    I hope they find a cure one day for this debilitating illness .Take care and thank you again 😊

  • Before my fibromyalgia kicked in I was on nothing at all because I was a fit and healthy 50 year old woman who was yes quite overweight. so when I started hurting all over my body I thought it was because I was fat and my body was giving out on me. But then my brain started to seize up and I could not think straight on even the most basic things. I fell asleep twice whilst driving my car on the motorway and that was the most scary thing that made me go to the doctor's. After 6 months of test at the rheumatology department they finally diagnose me with fibromyalgia. Then my GP tried to prescribe me amitriptyline which I knew was an antidepressant drug and I had a real rant at her and said for God's sake I am not depressed why you saying that I am this pain is real. 6 months later I finally let her prescribed me amitriptyline and I took it knowing that it would do absolutely no good. However 14 days later I found myself sat in her surgery and went in to say to her I have come here to eat Humble Pie because I realise that this drug has made me normal again for the first time in the last 3 years. She said to me amitriptyline which is normally drug used for antidepressants actually blocks the pain signals getting to the brain so although you have fibromyalgia and will have it for the rest of your life taking this drug will block the pain signals getting to your brain so you can function normally even though you have fibro and the normal life without receiving the pain messages. And that is how I realised that my GP knows better than me on medical matters and I cannot thank her enough because she has given me my life back.

  • I know this sounds crazy, but do you think you are eating enough?! You probably know already that if you don't eat enough your body can go into starve mode and hold onto the fat. I guess it is like an engine room, you have to keep it stoked (with the right kind of calories of course!) to keep the fires (metabolism) burning.

    It is really hard with fibromyalgia, I know as low thyroid has the same effect and mine has been low since I had my second child 14 years ago - so I sympathise. People don't understand how much harder it is, lets just say that there are a lot of eye rollers out there who won't believe that you eat well! I think for us exercise is key (I understand it is so much harder for those with fibre though) - and the right type. Not cardio but weights (not to build!) as muscle mass improves your metabolism.

    Good luck


  • Thank you for your kind words Helen - it really helps to know you're not alone out there !!

    I can totally relate to the eye rollers comment as people look at me and say how well I look , but they don't know all effort that goes into trying to maintain that look - the cocktail of medications I have to take each day just to get out of bed for starters.

    As for exercise , before I developed the Fibro I was always very fit and active , always down the gym etc - now I still try and do some gentle exercise , but again depends on how I'm feeling. It's so frustrating - I feel like I'm trapped inside this useless body !!

    Anyway , just have to take each day as it comes - thanks again 😊

  • Visceral fat emanates from a fatty liver caused by too much alcohol and/or too much carbohydrate (particularly fructose).

    Eat mostly above-ground vegetables and, to prevent cutting back on calories too far, avocado, olive oil, nuts (not peanuts) and coconut.

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