Don't believe it

A way to lose weight!! I am in my 70s and are just overweight with breakfast and something late at night. But I had a gift of breakfast on both Xmas Day and Boxing day (egg sausage, bacon, beans mushrooms) and a gift of Xmas dinner (beef&onion gravy, yorkshire puddings,roast potatoes carrots, dauphinoise potatoes. sprouts, parsnips,red cabbage & apple ,stuffing, pigs in blanket, sauces, xmas pudding, whipped cream.) And a gift from someone else on the same day, (turkey, sprouts, stuffing, carrots,beans, roast potatoes boiled potatoes Fench beans. Boxing day dinner: ( boiled ham, five cheeses with crackers and crispy bread, two kinds of pate,) then from someone else a bottle of red wine and a box of chocolates.

What happened to the weight? Ans. lost 6 pounds!!!


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8 Replies

  • A great result and it sounds like you had a really nice time 😀 😇

  • What lovely gifts ☺ And you still lost weight ☺ Very well done ☺

  • That all sounds nice and healthy though - I can imagine you were so full, you'd not have managed to fit in many unhealthy snacks and treats (eg, the mince pies and desserts!)

  • You may have had a weight loss in the short-term, but all of those high-glycaemic foods would leave you susceptible to gaining body-fat in the longer-term by overstimulating your hormones.

  • Don't care :)

  • That's your prerogative.

  • Yes.

    We are talking about two days. My normal habit keeps me dead constant.

    Weight gain is simply calories in vs. calories out. Hormonal balance controls things like either muscles or fat developing.

    High glycaemic levels have to be maintained for a while to make any difference at all.

    Still don't care!

  • I agree with you! Remember, it's not what you eat between Christmas and New Year that makes you fat, it's what you eat between New Year and Christmas!

    The "high glycaemic load" mob are the puritans of the weight loss religion. They set a beautfiul example of restraint to us all, but they have no fun and they are no fun!

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