Weigh-in worries

Well as tomorrow is Saturday, i will be weighing myself, feeling slightly tense as last week i stayed the same at 12st 6.8lbs (didn't post) i feel like ive come to a halt "Brick wall moment" im still on track, doing everything as normal + extra, as im used to it now, there is no way im going to fall off, thing just feel different and i dont know why, I'm hoping for a loss tomorrow even if its small.

I feel as maybe im slowing down a little (it happened once when trying to get over the 3stone loss) i know from previous attempts of dieting/lifestyle change i struggle in the January - June period of the year, My best time is June - December i dont know why its just generally the better time for me, and maybe im doubting myself whether i can get to the 8st loss, in time we shall see :)

Thanks for reading, hope your all well...


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4 Replies

  • Hi rjay95

    Do you think you may have hit a plateau which can happen from time to time. You have done amazingly well losing 7 stone, hope one day I will be there too. On week 11 of the nhs 12 week plan if tells you about hitting a plateau and to be aware of things like calories slowly creeping up or to try out different exercises.

    Good luck with the weigh in tomorrow and have a good weekend.


  • Hi Rose

    Thank you Yes i may have, i just tend to struggle this time of year and yh im looking to switching things up, well ive surprised myself today and lost 1.6lbs so defiantly feeling more positive and now lost an overall 7st 6.8lbs so rather happy with it :D

  • You have done so well rjay95 😊 To motivate myself I focus on past success, and really believe I can do it 😊 You will get there, and you have all of us with you cheering you on 😊❤😊

  • Thank you Anna, yes that is where im drawing strength from & today i've added to it by losing 1.6lbs so overall really happy, and yes people here are really supportive :)

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