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13 stone to 10 stone in "bitesize" chunks!

I've broken down my weight lodd into realistic aims per fortnight (I'll be weighing weekly or more though 🙈) Might help someone else in sane situation. I've slowed weight loss expectations over periods I know I'm away so that I can try and plataeu then.

2 Jan 13st


13 Jan 12st 7lb DONE YAY

27 Jan 12st 3lb

17 Feb 12st YAY

3 Mar 11st 10lb

17 Mar 11st 7lb

31 Mar 11st 4lb

14 Apr 11st 4lb

28 Apr 11st YAY

12 May 10st 11lb

26 May 10st 7lb YAY

9 Jun 10 st 5lb

23 Jun 10st 3lb

7 Jul 10st 1lb

21 Jul 10st YAY

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Wow loosingit, determined or what !! 😀 I do like your thinking, slow and steady still wins the race!

Looking forward to catching up



That looks like a plan! Good luck👍


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