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Hi I'm new to site , I'm overweight and so unhappy with how I look . I seem to say every Monday I'm going to start being good but throughout the day I will pick then end up thinking I've blown it I will start again tomorrow . So frustrated with myself. I want to start exercising but there seems to be no exercise regimes for overweight beginners I'd like to start running maybe or something like 20 mins workout a day to start . Is there any healthy plans anyone could recommend


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16 Replies

  • I so get you.. Decided to start over again today and keep a food log to help.. hasn't worked for me so far but at some point frustration gets to a point when you know you've gotta start!

    Just try again and don't give in.. every day is a new day!

    As for sports, I find it really hard to stick to something I don't enjoy so I've decided to check out this new Zumba instructor to see if she gets me started on it again..

    Pre-baby it was something I very much enjoyed and so workout was fun and not something I dreaded going to, trying to avoid at all costs..

    Good luck to you and let me know how it goes :)

  • Welcome! The 12 week plan on this website is really good. Use the bmi calculator to find out your calorie range. I think a food diary is really useful - good or bad, write it all down. Maybe write thetime too - that might help you identify times of day when you get tempted and you could perhaps plan to avoid ythem (go out for a walk, for example).

    I also find that being accountable to the lovely people on this forummakes all the ddifference. Pick your weigh in day - maybe today? ! - introduce yourself on the weigh in thread , share your starting weight if you feel able, and your initial goals, maybe how much you want to lose in your first week. The weekly weigh ins are brilliant.

    Good luck, today is a new day.

  • Hello, your have already started and that is you want to lose the weight, I found it difficult I have got myself one of those watches that counts your steps and calories in take etc...found it works - someone told me once that eating habits are different for everyone, some people can sit and have a meal then walk away others like to graze through the day. I went to a gym and found they were all super fit and felt like i did not belong persevered and I found a few people in there that once were in my position.

    The truth is you have to find what is right for you and you will get there for this i am sure, so I send you this virtual hug and I say to you everyday a bit at a time and you will reach your goal.

    God bless and I am here if you need me

  • Hi newbie here too , I know wot you mean about starting a diet every Monday I do the same by Wednesday its I will start again on Monday I feel so guilty and like you have said frustrated too

    I'm a beginner with exercise too I have just tried the couch to 5k I do it at home found it good hopefully fingers crossed going to try it on local running track week 4 ,

    Good luck

  • Just remember thousands of people are unhappy the way they look and thousands also have managed to fix this.

  • Hello, I so understand what your going through. I also start each day with the same, guess what....I can't stick to it. But last,October I came across Mi365 on face book. Don't know if you remember Pete Cohen from GMTV? He runs a coaching video every day mon-fri. I have found it helpful, please take a look....don't beat yourself up, you haven't failed. Just not found the right way for you.

  • I too have the same conversation with myself every morning! Starts of well then food just appears in my mouth! 😲

    I'm thinking of doing a food diary or plan and be more conscious of what I'm doing, as for exercise I feel conscious of my size so I walk as much as possible and want to go back to swimming answer aqua aerobics soon.

    Keep on, don't give up, you can do it!

  • I would really recommend couch to 5k too. If you go to 'My Communities' at the top of the page and click on the Couch to 5k it will take you to a forum like this one and its equally fantastic and supportive. There are people of all ages, sizes, abilities out running and as someone who until recently would never have dreamt she could run, i think it is so motivational. Best of luck x

  • Hi Hodge 23 could you manage 2 non consecutive days a week dieting and eating normally for you the rest of the week. I lost my weight using the 5:2 eating plan. "The Fast Diet" by Michael Mosley is a good book about the plan. After many years of trying to lose weight and finding keeping to a weight loss plan impossible for me I read this book and found my route to a slimmer healthier me.

  • Hi hodge23

    I am 57 and searched the internet for a local walking group and found a free one that welcomes all ages and all fitness levels..

    No doubt other groups of other activities out there, so have a look as joint participation is always more fun!

    I love dancing so just got to put dvd player in lounge so i can try a zumba routine for those wet horrible days when walking less enticing...

  • You are obviously not unhappy enough, or like me you would do something about starting and sticking to it. There is a difference between needing to and wanting to. Only you can do it.

    I got to a stage where tying my laces was even uncomfortable. I have now started and am sticking to my chosen route. Not calorie counting, but cutting out all snacking. Still eating what I enjoy but a bit less. No beer 5 or 65 nights a week, just one or two glasses of wine with my meal.

    I read, if you drink a pint of water before you eat it stems the amount you want.

    When you really want to you will do it.

    Loads of lying down or sitting down exercise on the NHS site and Youtube.

    Swimming is better for overweight people - less pounding on joints.

    Start now !!!

    Good luck.

  • Don't get lose heart it will kick in just stick with us on here. I'm very overweight and don't like the way I look either but the only person that can put it right is me and its not easy, I did really well before Xmas I managed to lose nearly a stone over a few weeks but with Xmas and going away for a weekend I ended up with just a 3lb loss but as I was reminded on here its still a loss and they are right. The exercise why not start with a short walk then extend it a bit at a time then get faster or even do a little jog before you know where you are you will be running just little stages. I had a message sent to me by a friend yesterday saying I have to like myself inside which will help with what I see on the outside and after thinking about it that is so true. Good luck with your journey and do stick with us. x x -:)

  • Have you thought about seizing the day, so to speak, and posting on the Weigh-In thread for today - or there is one for tomorrow. Mondays can be dispiriting I think, and it then becomes next week, again. This way you could take a deep breath, and just ............ start. :)

    You will find loads of great, sensible advice here, and amazingly supportive folks to help you every day. Just ask.

  • What do you naturally like doing? There's got to be something in it for you that's positive, so you actually look forward to it. Whatever it is, build up your exercise around that. Even fast walking counts - I started by taking walks in my favourite places near my house. It has taken couple of months for me to build up to the point where I feel healthy, and I still have stones to lose but I'm enjoying myself doing it - Good luck and don't give up!

  • Hi there, I know that feeling, I went round in circles all last year, but this year have been so determined. I have found joining a group helps me to be motivated as I know I be weighed every week so need to be showing reults!! Maybe start walking, thats exercise for you and build from that. I hope it all goes well for and use this group for support and you will achieve your goal. Good luck hun x.

  • Hi Hodge

    A good exercise for begginers is walking especially if you only want to start with a 20 minute a day session. It is the most natural form of exercise and it does not put a lot of pressure on your body, if you do it say for one week then you can increase it to 25 minutes or to whatever suits you, it also saves on gym fees because it cost nothing to go outdoors. Pick yourself a place to walk and go for it, plug in some headphones if you like to give you some motivation while you are out there. Choose a place you want to walk be it your local area or a park nearby. Once you get up and going and your times increase you can change the route that you walk every so often just to change the scenery. Every four weeks or so also change the route just so that it makes it a bit different for your body so that it doesn't get to used with going the same way. Maybe further down the line you can go for two or more walks per day. I suggest if it is possible that you go for your first walks in the mornings as son as you get up then there won't be to many distractions in the way that might put you off.

    Best of luck to you, I hope this will get you up and moving.

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