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It's a nice start :)

hey everyone! :) So had no internet at all while I've been home but now I'm back at uni and wanted to fill you all in with everything on the last 3 days and how they've gone

So I have an app called myfitnesspal which helps me log in my progress and according to my weight, height and the fact I want to lose around 2 pounds per week I am meant to eat no more than 1470 calories per day

I have made sure what I have been eating is healthy and enough to sustain me

on the first day I ended up having 1562 calories

on the second day I ended up having 1203 calories

Today I ended up having 1592 calories

Overall, according to it's calculation at the end on average in these 3 days I would lose 5.4 pounds in the next 5 weeks :)

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Great, well done and keep up the good work. x


Thank you x

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Well done Kat96 the first few days are the most difficult ☺ Yes, MFP is a very useful app isn't it? And I'm glad you are eating well and not feeling hungry ☺

Have a good weekend ☺

Best wishes



Yes they are but I'm determined to keep going :)


Hi kat96

Thanks i will try myfitnesspal...



Hi :) glad I'm encouraging someone to use it,I'm sure it will help you too :)


Welcome aboard. MFP is very useful. I've been using it since 2014. First I used it right up until I reached my goal weight, and then have since continued to use it in maintenance (although not quite so religiously)

However, as your weight drops remember to re-set your details as you go along, cuz when your weight drops your body will need less calories than it does right now. Also some of the blogs are very interesting.

Hope it goes well for you.


Oh that's good to know :) I did use it before but it's good to keep you on track and will definitely continue with it and thank you

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