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Any tips for toning up?


I love, love, LOVE going to gym classes like zumba and step and bodyjam, and it's definitely shifted a lot of pounds over the last couple of months. My main problem is upper-body exercises to deal with bingo wings/back cushions. The thought of using the weight section in the gym alarms me a bit, because it's always predominantly used by super-fit people doing proper weight training, and I'll end up feeling too self-conscious to use them in front of other people.

Does anyone have any good tips for upper body/weights-orientated exercises that I can do at home? I'm happy to buy a set of dumbbells if needed, anything to avoid using the machines at the gym in front of people.

Any help/advice much appreciated!

Sparkles x

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Hi Hidden

There are loads of videos on YouTube - I found this one for you.

I'm sure the others will come up with some good ideas too :-)

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Thanks! :) Those tricep dips look like they might just kill me, but I'll give anything a go! x

When I first joined our local gym I was really nervous about using the weights section, but my instructor made it part of my routine and the more you use them the less it feels intimidating! I realised people are much more focussed on their own programme than what other users are doing ... Although it took a while ... Now I just carry on regardless! Be brave and good luck!

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Ta! x

The main one is tricep dips - only requires a sturdy chair or bath edge or similar at the correct height then works out arms using your body weight. Google it for correct technique! Start with legs bent at a right angle and then as you build strength and it gets easy to do your all your reps you can move your feet further from your body until they are almost straight out in front of you (I think). These were hard when I started in October. Then suddenly I couldn't complete the reps as I guess my muscles just weren't up to it so I did as many as I could. But I can do them fine now and am starting to move my legs further away.

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Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely give them a try. :) x

Maybe try resistance bands.. Aldi were doing them recently and I'm sure there's stuff on YouTube to show you how :)

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Ooh, now there's an idea. Thanks for the tip! x

nteapea1st 7lbs

Denise Austin on you tube does some great strength exercises

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Thanks for the tip! :) x

Hidden1 stone

Zumba toning if your gym offers it? It's Zumba with some toning sticks - I tried it once and it does make the arm songs a bit more tortureous!!

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