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Starting to Diet


This is my first ever diet, It is my New years Resolution and I plan to stick to it.

Basically I have been struggling with depression and anxiety since 2009 and I ate as that made me happy. But it time to change.

I want to lose around 2 stone, I am below 16.5 Stone and Id like to lose it by end of the Summer. I have sort of started this week, but from Monday I will deffo 100% start.

I plan on having

1 slice of plain toast for breakfast

Mixed fruit smoothie for Dinner

Tea is mixed throughout the week but I have made changes like not frying items (ie Eggs, chips, etc)

This will be Mon-Fri

On the weekend, I will treat myself for Breakfast but that is the only item I will treat myself to.

I have cut out Pop and I dont drink much alcohol, maybe have 1 pint once a month if that.

Exercise, this is a problem I have, I can not seem to get motivated to do it. At the moment, I am not doing much at all, just walking but it is not that far.

I plan on doing more walking, Not sure the distance, but I want to at least walk 10k at least once a week in a day. I have also brought a foot cycling machine which can double for an arm machine as well. I also plan on looking online for a guide to exercising the belly area as that is what is I want to get rid of the most. I also have a Homefront Slim Pro-XV1000 Advanced Unisex Abdominal Abs Toning Belt which I use at least once a day, mainly in the evening.

My biggest weakness is in the evening, Id like to have something nice to eat. So I have got to stop having anything in the evening.

But Monday, I will weigh myself, take a note and stick to the items I have said I will do, I have made an excel sheet, which I will input the calories if I have exercised or not and on there I will take note of my weight so hopefully I will see a difference in the weight.

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I had post natal depression when my youngest was born almost 20 years ago and oddly one of my strongest memories during that time was the feeling of being out of control of everything - somehow however it did make me very determined to lose weight as that was something I actually could control and I did well with weight loss at the time - you are doing exactly the right thing by recording what goes in your mouth and how much exercise you do - good luck with your journey

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Thank you. :)


My wife had that after daughter number 3 and even with a lot of support I know she was suffering. G


Hi TheWolverine and welcome to the forum.

Check out the Welcomes Newbies post in the pinned posts section (to the right of your screen on a pc, bottom on a mobile) - this contains some great info for starting out and navigating your way around the site.

Take all of your before measurements and maybe a photo.

We run weigh-ins every day except Sunday and consider joining some of our challenges as they are fun and motivating.

Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you around ☘


Walking is really good exercise, so you're making a great start.

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Thank you

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Hi TheWolverine

Welcome, I hope this is your first and last diet. :)

Top tip - have some quality protein at breakfast not just toast, you're much likely to last until lunch and it will help with the very important blood sugar levels.

Lots more far more knowledgeable folk on this forum to help you but check out the 12 week plan.

Good wishes

x x



What would you recommend for breakfast?


Hello TheWolverine Welcome to the Weight Loss Forum ☺

Have you seen the NHS 12 week plan weight loss plan? This is an excellent plan with weekly email support. It's a calorie controlled plan which I think is a great plan because nothing is banned so you can still eat all your favourite foods ☺ It's also important to eat enough, so check your BMI and find out how many calories you should be eating ☺ One piece of toast and a smoothie doesnt sound like very much food for a whole morning 😕 There are links to both things in the Newbies post that isou mentioned ☺

We are a very friendly group so please ask if you have any questions ☺

Best wishes


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Can't beat an organic free range poach egg. Worth the extra pence !

Or maybe some cottage cheese topped with chopped herbs, anything from chive, spring onions or even mint.

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I like weetabix boiled eggs scrambled or poached. Porridge oats & fruit. Not all at the same time. G


I am 16stone 7lbs ( Best I can see) with clothes on. So that is my starting point, I am using mechanical ones, and its hard to see exactly the weight, but it is under 16 and a half. I may buy electrical scales.

I have a few activities to do this week, me and my friend are planning a walk either in our local country park or going into the countryside for a walk, just depends on the weather really. Either way it will be at least 10Km.

I have also started to bring my cycling machine out, its quite good really, as I can play video games or watch tv while cycling.

As well as that, I am not snacking at night or having supper. I have given up pop, crisps, alcohol, fried types of food, ( Bar on Saturday morning for Breakfast and then its just a little oil being used) and have started eating pretty much at the same time everyday, before I would probably skip breakfast altogether and just wait till Dinner, but now I am having something each morning about 9 and then having dinner at 1 and tea at 5.

I am also using my toning belt as well. Probably tonight I will look for exercises that will focus on belly fat

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Hi Wolverine I wish you good luck with the exercise. Happy days ahead. G


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