It has been a great week, I have lost 6lbs in my first week. Wow is what I thought but again I thought, I have done this before and I had not got to my target weight. I have celebrated what I have achieved but I think for me the real celebration will be to achieve the goal weight and not to beat myself .

I am a happy woman (sometime girl - I believe in tapping the child within keeps you young) but I just need to let this out. Again thanks to everyone that send messages in support.


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9 Replies

  • Well done, what a great start ... Keep up the good work ... Good luck on your journey!

  • Thank you and you too

  • Great start - if ever you feel like you're about to waver everyone on here is so encouraging - you'll get to goal this time for sure

  • Thanks, I will come here when I feel unsure

  • Brilliant start. We have several great sayings we like to use on this forum and one of them is - "slow and steady wins the race."

    The first week you generally lose a lot of water weight, which as you've lost weight before, you probably realise; so don't be despondent if things start to slow down from now on.

    Are you calorie counting? If you've worked out your stats on the BMI calculator, you should be able to lose 2lb per week on the lower number and 1lb per week on the higher number.

    There are many people on this site who have been here for several months, some over a year and have been extremely successful in losing weight. I know it's frustrating, we all want to see fast results, but just remember you need to keep chipping away at it and ALL of us are in this together.

    Anytime you feel like throwing in the towel, please log on here. There is invariably someone around to help you anytime of day or night.

    Best of luck :-)

  • Well done that's amazing onwards & downwards have a great week 😀

  • Well done. Stay positive - you can do it!! :)

  • I will do

  • As you say, its a start - but its a really good one. Hopefully this excellent week 1 loss will keep you motivated in the weeks and months to come. And to know that this time you will achieve your goal.

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