Eating trends of successful losers

Just saw this blog on MFP. It shows the eating trends of successful losers. However, the analysis doesnt seem to take into account their activity level.....

How to Eat Like a Successful MyFitnessPal User


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  • Interesting! It does kinda fit with the way I eat now too. I do think that losing weight has to be about changing the way you eat not just cutting down to make it sustainable long term.

  • You're right and I can second that, as over the festive season I "enjoyed" more carbs, sugar and alcohol, and although in the main did not exceed my TDEE ( maintenance calories), I gained 3 lbs which must be down to what I ate, not how much I ate . Now of course my appetite is craving those things so I am struggling to re-educate myself back into more protein and veg ...sigh ....

  • I'm beginning to think I only have to look at bread to risk weight gain lol! I'm weighing daily that's my way of keeping in check and so far managing, if I gain a little I soon lose it again as I have the knowledge now!

  • Thanks for posting this, elliebath - very interesting reading. I wonder where the research originated from and who sponsored it? Most processed breakfast cereals contain too much sugar for my taste. I prefer home-made porridge with blueberries on top - yummy! :)

  • The research was taken from data supplied by US users of MyFitnessPal, or so it said in the blog. Presumably whoever owns MFP will have produced these figures.

  • Thanks Trimmerteacher - I do like to know where things come from! Especially in these times of "fake news".....!

  • I think MFP are owned by Under Armour, the sportwear brand (not not 100% certain though)

  • Really interesting results! Thanks for pointing this out, Elliebath.

  • Yes, it is data from American users of MFP who are successful losers, over 4 million users that's quite a credible sample..

  • It is a credible sample only if all 4 million users truly logged their food intake and weighed themselves regularly. How many of the 4 million do I believe were 100% accurate in what they logged? - not many. Nothing against that. They were only logging for their personal goals, not for public scrutiny.

  • I agree some MFP users overall may not log truthfully, but these are stats from only the SUCCESSFUL losers and they are highly likely to have taken their logging seriously .

    I have used MFP for 3 years and am a successful loser/maintainer. I can see the food diaries of all the MFP 'friends' I've made in that time ..The successful losers amongst them appear to log honestly ,good and bad days, warts and all. But those who are not doing well, often don't .

  • Really interesting elliebath thank you for sharing ☺ Especially about fibre, I have a very old F plan book that I still use, it's good to know I'm doing something right ☺☺☺

  • Last month, they did the weight loss graph trends of successful losers, which was really interesting. Unfortunately, not one of them looked like mine - which is akin to a graphical representation of the Himalayas....

  • Oh I missed that graph, I'll see if I can still find it thanks

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