Any tips & hints please?

Hi all,

Looking for a bit of help please. I'm really good at starting out the week motivated & organised but get to a point where I'm knackered from work & generally lazy so then end up having takeaways & easy "shove in oven" food that isn't as good for me. I don't have kids so can't blame them either lol.

I'd love to be able to get through a week eating what was planned & having the energy to be able to do it.

Does anyone have any tips or hints to help get through the slump? Are there any really easy meals I can do / cook when I'm knackered that would keep me on track?

Very grateful for all help, thanks all!!


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5 Replies

  • I think the solution is to plan and prepare for the whole week, which doesn't guarantee that your'll stay on track. But it's easier when you have things ready for 5-10 min cooking and healthy snacks in fridge. I roughly plan every meal of the week, things don't always go according to plan of course, but it's easier for me to stay on track this way

  • Hi. We buy frozen chopped veg and buy meat in bulk then chop up and freeze. We then stir fry with some spice - quicker than waiting for ready meal to cook. Some people cook meals in bulk then freeze but we don't do that. We used to only eat processed stuff but since October we cook all meals from scratch as we have found it is quick and cheap. Good luck!

  • Hi magicgill

    Do you have time at the weekend to cook meals that you could freeze and then use in the week after work where you can just pop them into the oven.

    Take a look in the "Topic" section at the "Recipes/meals/snacks" the post there is full of lots of ideas for meals to keep you on track.

    I think the key is to plan your week and only buy healthy foods in to stop you being tempted. Good luck with your week.


  • Omelettes are really quick and easy and you can put virtually anything in them!

  • I bulk cook so that when I'm coming home, feeling knackered and can't be bothered to cook, I know I have a meal waiting for me. I also now keep a meal plan and use this to do an online shop. This means I have the ingredients I need to stick to my plan, and also keeps me out of the shops and away from temptation. So far it's working really well.

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