Bathroom Cubicle Exercises?

My job is really sedentary, and I'm trying to fit a little more exercise into my working day. I thought maybe 10 squats every time I go to the loos. Is anyone else doing anything like this, or am i a weirdo?

I think I would benefit from different exercises though - what can I do in a tiny space that's quick? I can think of heel lifts, and then i'm out of ideas...


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19 Replies

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  • How about rapid punching?

  • Is this just punching, or is it a weird exercise move I've not heard of?

  • Just punching!

  • Thanks! I had horrible visions it was some new move involving jumping/lunging! Punching is a great idea! I'll make sure no one is in the next cubicle while I do it! :)

  • Stand up, it's better than sitting, go for a walk on the way in to work, at lunchtime and on the way home. I get on the tube a stop later, and get off a stop earlier on my morning and evening journeys. I also walk up the stairs at work, and try and get out for a 30 min walk at lunchtime. That way I walk 5km a day.

  • These are great ideas, but I drive to work and I also work on the ground floor, although I wish I had to go upstairs!

    I do lunchtime walks, but just want something to squeeze in throughout the day.

  • Certainly not weird, I have been known to do all kinds of movements whilst in the kitchen or getting ready for bed !!

  • No not weird, just sounds weird when you say it out loud. I also do squats in the loos at work :) But I haven't thought of any other loo based exercises... so far...

  • Great idea Cooper27 but also made me smile ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† Go for it!

    Any movement is good โ˜บ I purposely take the stairs at every opportunity, park further away in car parks, step on the spot when washing up etc โ˜บ

    Have fun! Lol ๐Ÿ˜†

  • How about grabbing those few minutes when your television programme goes over to adverts? A couple of squats, sit ups, bend-and-stretch....

    My husband is mobility-challenged so I encourage him to do a couple of sit-to-stands at those times. He says it helps - that said, I notice he is sticking more to the BBC -can this be a sign?

  • Ha ha - think so! We don't have a TV licence, we just watch lots of Netflix show - I might start doing something between shows though!

  • Lucky you. No television licence. My husband is an addict so we have a surfeit of tat. Luckily he goes early to bed, then it is "peace, perfect peace".

  • We have an exercise bike and I have a log term ongoing problem with my knee for which it is really good - the last couple of days I've nipped into the conservatory to do 20 to 30 minutes on it while the veg for my dinner cooks - I'd only be sitting in front of the tv waiting otherwise - only trouble is my behind is not appreciating the saddle - any tips anyone?

  • You could sit on a folded up jumper? I don't like bike seats myself!

  • That's a good idea - am definitely feeling it in my behind this morning

  • Many years ago I cycled round the whole of The Isle of Man, thinking it was flat, it was so painful on my rear end, I ended up pushing the dam thing, until I came up with a bright idea, went to local store and bought a very large car shampoo sponge, two in fact, put them down my trousers, what a difference, so comfortable, worth a try

  • I like it! Will copy your idea. How about pulling your tummy in 10 times quickly, then pulling in and holding for the count of 10?

  • This is a good one! I can do this at my desk too!

  • Don't forget the pelvic floor exercises too.

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