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Serial returner needing help x

Hello everyone . I'm needing to loose 2 stone . The thing is when I'm in control I'm good but when I go of the rails I feel awful . In the past when I went to classes I was in a positive mind set but if I had a bad week I wouldn't go back to class ! Then I would wait for another month then rejoin again I'm like a serial returner getting nowhere and wasteing money . So today I'm wearing positive pants and not negative knickers .

Good luck to everyone x


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The great thing about this site is that you can read other peoples stories of success (and failure ) and learn from them, without having to hide away from a weekly meeting or stand publicly on the scales when you've not even lost an ounce that week!

There are many on here who've done well, slipped back for a few months ( or years) and then rejoined for another attempt. There are also some of us who successfully slogged our way through to a healthy weight but are now staying online in order to keep the weight off...

So put the past behind you. Today is one day nearer to a healthy, slim YOU !


It's not about the number of times you fall off the wagon, Jan, but about the number of times you climb back on! Well done you, for trying again! That shows guts and determination and together, we can get you 2 stone lighter :)

Somehow, or other, we all seem to have a 'run and hide' gene, which really does us no favours whatsoever! If we can just learn to open up about our feelings, hopes, dreams, disappointments, then, collectively, we can find the best way forward.

We are lucky to be members of a truly wonderful community, that has everybody's best interests at heart. If we just stick around long enough to listen to their words of wisdom, we'll be carried to our goals, on a wave of support.

You can do this Jan and we can help :)


Hi Jan, that sounds a bit like me. I'm a bit all or nothing and if I veer at all I feel so bad that I totally lose confidence and end up eating more. This time I'm trying to remind myself I'm not necessarily on a diet, I'm adopting a healthier lifestyle and there will be times when I feel like a treat but it's A TREAT not an excuse to fall off the wagon. Good luck and we can do this. Positive pants = little butts! ☺

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