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Week 1 in the Bag

If I played basketball (which I most definitely do not!) I would say last week was a slam dunk! 4.4 lbs down and stayed within my caloric limits all week - even got into the habit of tracking my food... thank you MyFitnessPal.

Still feeling very positive. I have two exams next week (on top of working, being a mom and taking my weight issues to task I am also going to law school - crazy I know) so I am allowing myself to wait until after they are done to add exercise. And I have a great incentive - I am doing to Moonwalk in May with my daughter!

How are you all doing? Feeling good? Feeling upbeat! Lets do this!!!

Lots of love,


SW: 262

CW: 257.6

TL: 4.4

2 Replies

Fantastic start knhedges ☺☺☺ very well done ☺

Did you join in the Wednesday weigh-in? Lots of people find this very helpful ☺ (the weigh in thread is a 'pinned ' post if that helps)

Congratulations again, the first week is the hardest ☺


Well done that's great news 👍


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