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Hi all, it's been a while

I haven't posted or been on here in a while I guess I kind of lost hope for a while. Thats when I decided I needed a little extra help so I went to see a dietitian and she gave me great advice, I went back to her yesterday for my first weigh in and I lost 6lb over Christmas 😀 I wasn't expecting that at all I'm so pleased with myself and ive proved to myself now that I can do it and it does work! Don't lose hope guys! Just gotta find what works for your body 😀 hope everyone is well. I'M BACK YAY 😁😁😁

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Hello Chelsea_Summers95 ☺ welcome back to the forum ☺

Fantastic weight loss!!!! ☺ especially over Christmas ☺ very well done, there will be no stopping you now. ☺☺☺

There have been a few changes recently, in particular the weigh in thread. The forum now has weigh in days on different days of the week which means that you can join in on any day, whatever day suits you best next rather than just on a Monday. ☺ So if you wish you could join Wednesdays group, hosted today by moreless . As usual you will find the thread in the 'pinned' post. ☺

Best wishes



Sorry, the weigh in thread is in the 'events' section, nit a pinned post ! I hope I haven't confused you, I'm a newbie at this ☺

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Welcome back Chelsea_Summers95

Great to hear you lost 6lbs over Christmas well done you. Don't know weather your aware but you can now weigh-in any day from Monday to Saturday, so if you want to do it on a different day feel free.

Have a good week.


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