gym class

Just done my first gym class, high intensity interval training, VERY hard but also very good and i'm feeling so positive this morning.. i'm 5 pounds down in 8/9 days - i know the first is always the most. Just hoping my motivation keeps up and I stick to it, Ive never before and this forum has really really helped me to do that.

So just a massive thank you to you all really and hope you all have a great day :D


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  • Morning Tasha12345 Glad to hear you enjoyed your exercise class. 5lbs down in 8/9 days is really good you must be feeling so pleased.

    To help keep your motivation up why not join one of the challenges, I'm doing the "Long distant Pathways" to help keep my steps up, you can find them in the pinned posts.

    Have a good day.


  • Thank you Rose. I'm feeling really happy and positive at the moment and thats thanks to you guys :D

    Will look at these challenges as well to keep me motivated,

    thanks again.

  • agreed, this forum definitely helps with staying on track!

  • Stick with the HIIT classes as often as you're able to, since their participation will ensure that calories are expended both during and after the exercise is completed. If you can fit two HIIT classes in a week that's great, but don't exceed three, since the body will require time to replenish and recover afterwards.

    You can still perform other types of exercise on other days during the week, just not HIIT.

  • yeah at the moment I cant feel my legs hahaha, gonna just do a normal gym workout tomorrow instead. Will stick to the 1 or 2 a week definitely. Thank you :D

  • Good, good. If you can't feel your legs and even felt a little nauseous or disorientated immediately afterwards, you know that you gave it your all (since both are side effects of HIIT). Don't worry, though, as the body adapts, the severity of the symptoms will subside.

  • Hope your right that's encouraging dont want to be feeling like this 24/7 lol.. currently sat with a hot water bottle on my legs, my thighs actually feel sore and tight.. hoping they will be better by the morning to go again lol :D

  • I can guarantee that you probably will be feeling sore for the next couple of days, but as the body adapts to handling (and utilising) rising levels of lactate in the blood during the activity, the stiffness encountered will become less severe.

  • That sounds good to me, this obviously has to be expected at the beginning. Thanks again you've made me feel better, your super smart with this stuff!

  • The stiffness encountered at the outset of under-taking HIIT is to be expected. However, through the physiological changes that occur through its inclusion, chiefly, increased ATP density of muscles (power), improved mitochondrial activity of the heart (strength of contraction) and improved insulin sensitivity (benefitting weight loss), you'll hopefully be quick to appreciate why people continue to put themselves through 'hell' on a regular basis.

  • Well i did an hour cardio in the gym this morning then had a hot bath and which has really soothed them and they feel a little better now so will be back to the HIIT class :D

  • Ah well done Tasha12345

    I'm a bit old for that hi intensity interval training so I bike ride up and down ridiculous hills, knowing it's pumping the blood.

    It always feels good and I get a double whammy because I then only want to eat healthy for the rest of the day.

    Yes there's no doubt that this forum helps enormously, good luck and keep going. Xx

    ps All the admins here are awesome.

  • If you can ride up and down hills you are definitely not too old, I struggle with the hills on bike rides and often stop haha. But as long as you enjoy it thats the main thing :D and yeah me too really sets you up for the day doesn't it.

    Thanks, and you xx and that is true they are x

  • Thanks Tasha xx

  • Although you may consider HIIT to be beyond you, the increased effort involved in cycling up those 'ridiculous hills' will ensure improved uptake of glucose and fat, resulting in greater calorie expenditure.

    Consider the hills as interval training.

  • What a great tip - thank you.

    They certainly get the heart pumping.

  • Indeed they do.

    You don't necessarily need to incorporate HIIT to reap the benefit of performing intervals, since any increase in exertion will lead to greater uptake of fat and glucose.

    Upon ascending hills, it's likely that you rise from the saddle (recommended) to increase the generation of force through the hip and thigh to repeatedly drive the pedal.

    The burning sensation experienced in the front of the thigh and subsequent weariness in the derriere is simply the result of repeatedly placing the muscles against force, allowing them to develop and become more adept to ascending hills.

    Keep the handlebars of the bike as steady as possible (resisting the urge to rock from side to side), preferring to lift the knees as high to handlebars as possible, so that force can continue to be generated downwards, thus, driving you forward.

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