Before and after

Before and after

We went out on Sunday afternoon and Neil took a photo of me. When we got home, I realised the photo is very similar to one we took last May in Norway. Since then, I have lost 3 stone. I don't think it really shows but Neil thinks my face looks thinner. Also, last May, I couldn't fasten my coat but now, there's loads of room to fasten it. I could probably stuff a cushion up there too.


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21 Replies

  • You can definitely see!! You look fabulous, your coat is very baggy ☺ Very well done ☺☺☺

  • Wow Finnberry You look great! All your hard work is really paying off!

  • What do you mean, you can't see it? Yes, you most certainly can. You look great!

  • Lovely photo. You can certainly see the difference😜

  • Definitely! You are more defined in the second picture! Well done!

    BYW - that's a great set of wheels there! Does it go off-road?!

  • Yes it does. The back wheels are Loopwheels (carbon fibre with built in suspension) and I keep those on all the time. The front wheel is a Freewheel. That clips on and off really easily, so I only use that if we're out hiking or if there's uneven paths or cobbles.

  • Brilliant to see these photos and thanks for posting them. You look great and happy in both of them, but definitely slimmer and younger in the latest.

  • There is a huge difference, you look really great. What an inspiration :D

  • you can definately see a difference .. well done you x

  • Are you joking??? There is a very noticeable difference between the two photos, well done!

  • Same clothes - a sign it's time to go shopping for something more slim fitting? I can see you look slimmer for sure plus younger as others have said. Also your pose is more open now, less hunched trying to cover yourself up. In my 'before' pics, none of which I've been brave enough to share yet, I also hunched to hide my figure. But now you seem more in the moment, and happy :)

  • I think the hunched posture was more to do with the fact that we'd just climbed a glacier and I was absolutely exhausted. Yes, I'm gradually replacing my wardrobe, starting with items that fall down/off if they are too big.

  • Ha ha it's a bit mad how big things feel now isn't it... enjoy building up a new slimmer wardrobe. Climbing a glacier... super impressed! :)

  • Wow I think you are right you can see you have lost weight , well done love keep up the good work xx

  • Very impressive! You much younger in the second one, your face and your posture seem to have changed.

  • Hi Finnberry well I think your face definitely looks thinner! Also clothes don't lie! That coat just goes to show how well you have done. Brilliant job :)

  • Hi Finnberry - nice set of pix! And I agree with everyone else here - you can definitely see the change, for the better. Your face is certainly a more defined shape, you look younger too, and that coat is definitely too big - we can see that, and if you could now stuff a cushion up there? Enough said! Well done - losing 3 stone is amazing work!

  • Congratulations and lovely to see such an inspiring post 👏🎉

  • well done to you - 3 stone is such a lot x

  • No you definately can see the difference! But you should use this as an excuse to go shopping and buy some new closer fitting clothes ;) You look amazing! <3

  • Wow well done!

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