Reflecting on the last year

Well I got down about almost a 1 lb weight gain, and reflected back at my old posts, it dwaned on me that 14 months ago, I was 7lbs heavier, for a maintaiiner, event that is quite a bit!

I think my body is almost done with losing weight, tho I 'm so glad I pushed myself to what I thought was impossible, for all you newbies and regular folk, take each stage at a time, and don't focus on the end journey, sometimes we can only cope with now


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4 Replies

  • I only hope I can maintain my weight as well as you Diana. Losing 7 pounds while maintaining too - brilliant! Its hard to not be impatient and to want to race to the goal but you are right sometimes all we can cope with is now :)

  • I think I never saw the end, I wasn't sure if I could achieve it either 😊

  • You are still a winner Diana....well done!

    I originally targeted 12st 7lbs and got down as low as 12st 4lbs before a not very restrained Christmas; the scales (not surprisingly) crept back up to 12st 11lbs...but thankfully, going down again now, currently 12st 8lbs and planning to get down into the 11's eventually.

    Nobody ever said it was easy did they! Got to keep reminding ourselves of "why".....why we are now loving our bodies and looking after them as we would a good friend. After all, we all deserve to have the best body we can!

  • Thanks, we owe to ourselves to be healthy and well

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