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I did it - and i'm hooked

So I've been away from this site for a while but graduated c25k in the autumn after starting the programme late summer. Since then I have taken to the streets (had done training on a treadmill) and finally ran a 5k distance the week before Christmas. It wasn't fast - my time was 52mins. - my route is 5.5k (I swear if it wasn't for the uphill bits my husband who walked with me would have done it quicker!) but the sense of achievement WOW! that was it! I have been out 3 times a week at least since, including Xmas and new year. My time has reduced - PB 49 mins and the route seems to be getting a bit easier.

I cannot thank c25k enough, It has changed my life. I have lost almost 4 stone since April due to dieting as well, but know this is a change for life. (My husband has just completed week 3 of c25k and friends who are overweight have said i'm an inspiration which is really touching as all I was doing was trying to lose some weight!)

Questions - suggestions on how to improve my time and tech. I am using map my run. but this sometimes stops working and then i can't track my time- any suggestions please?

Finally, thanks for all the support from this forum. always good advice which kept me going when things were difficult

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Congratulations upon graduating, janners, in addition to continuing to routinely set new PBs following graduation.

As for improving times, by continuing to run consistently every week, endurance will continue to improve, allowing times to reduce.

If you don't already do so, by incorporating resistance exercises for the legs and core on rest days, for example, the endurance/strength of the muscles will increase, so that they're far more accustomed to carrying you as you seek to implement fartlek or intervals into your training.

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