TUESDAY weigh-in (10th January, 2017)

TUESDAY weigh-in (10th January, 2017)

Hello all,

Like Isou yesterday, I'm posting this now because of work and school tomorrow morning.

Please reply to this post on TUESDAY to join the weigh-in. Thank you

I think this is the first time there has been a Tuesday weigh-in, and its my first time posting one. I like weighing in on a Tuesday, as I always feel like I need that extra day after the weekend!

We hope that you've all had a good week and are pleased with the results on the scales. If this isn't the case, don't get despondent, weight loss isn't linear and we're all human. Think of where things may have slipped a little. If you're convinced that you've had a squeaky clean week, then take out the tape measure and see if you've lost inches instead. If that fails to satisfy too, then look back to the beginning of your journey and be proud of how far you've come. Progress may be slow, but if you keep the faith and stick to plan, you'll eventually get the results you've been wanting

Our aim today, is to support and encourage, so we ask that everyone responds to at least ONE other member, ideally the person directly ahead of you on the thread. The main aim of this new weigh-in, is to prevent one person being burdened with answering every single post. Of course you can respond to as many posts as you wish, but it should be a minimum of one.

We have also decided to introduce a new stats system, again to reduce the workload of one person having to produce a spreadsheet every week. If you could now state your weight today, how much weight you've lost/gained/maintained this week and your goals for the week ahead. Other than that, feel free to share any details of your week that you like.


If you are joining this weigh-in group thread for the first time today, then please introduce yourself and share your starting weight (if you feel comfortable doing so) and your initial weight loss goals – setting yourself mini-goals leading to your ultimate weight loss goal, is particularly helpful.

You could also make a note of your body measurements. Sometimes the scales stick at a particular weight, but there can be body measurement changes which are very motivating. It’s not all about the scales after all – it’s how you feel in yourself. If you have a look in your profile section, you will see there is a space there to record your progress, if you so wish.

If you’ve not already seen it, then take a moment to read the ‘Welcome Newbie’ pack, which is a Pinned post (situated on the right hand side of the homepage, or scroll right down to the bottom, if you're using a mobile).


I'm going to weigh in tomorrow, so will catch up with you all then. I have enjoyed getting back to a more regular routine since going back to work on Thursday last week, and the kids being back at school. I find it so much easier to eat well and plan meals properly when my day has that structure, and I eat dinner earlier which I’m sure is better for me. Fingers crossed for all of us!

Please only use this thread if you're weighing on Tuesday 10th January.

Onwards and downwards!

(Shameless text pinching, thank you isou7000 and moreless x)

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  • Lovely, JC! :)

  • Well done JC you can now BREATHE a sigh of relief.

  • Haha! I might wait till I weigh myself for that!

  • Excellent thread JiminyCricket very nicely done :) Best of luck with the weigh-in!

  • Apologies to Lofters, it was after midnight before I remembered I'd promised to keep you accountable, but better late than never! ;)

    I shall be expecting you today, though! :)

  • I haven't forgotten moreless thank you for the reminder, how you remembered with all else that is going on I don't know, you are a star!! [Re running side challenges, I thought I would wait until the new other systems settle down into a pattern then perhaps return to it, as there's an awful lot going on right now!]

    Sadly over the Christmas period I followed suit and climbed into a hole of comfort eating and drinking, and have undone most of my progress gaining 2kg to 89kg. I've bought some new scales for better accuracy (plus they are digital and easier for my rubbish eyesight). These are reading 14st 1.5 lbs, so I'll be using that basis from now on. My waist also gained 2" to 42.5". All in all, that could have been worse.

    I've tried to recognise that behaviour though, and I'm back on it with ingredients int he cupboard :) It seems important to celebrate little things, as they are surprisingly difficult if you fall into a pattern. I am sure it will get easier if I get back into it, although for the moment, just having a decent breakfast today is a victory.

    Hope you all have a great week!

  • I surprised myself by remembering too, Lofters, because I have a brain like a sieve, normally! ;)

    Might I suggest that you continue to post on a Tuesday, because the Monday weigh-in is just way too big now? :)

    It sounds as if you and I have had very similar Christmases! I'm afraid I dived head first into the delectables and have been struggling to climb out! Your 2kg gain is extremely modest, especially when compared to my 10lbs! :o

    It sounds to me as if you've got yourself a nice sturdy ladder and are climbing your way out of that pit :) Congratulate yourself for every rung you set your feet on and I'll be there to meet you at the top :)

    Here's to both of us getting back on the wagon and back to running. That marathon is waiting for us :)

    Have a great week and a fantastic year :)

  • Thanks moreless I would be happy to switch to the Tuesday, or any other day if that helps keep them ticking over. Amen to the running!!

  • That's great Lofters, what I think we'll do, is re-evaluate at the end of the week and see how we can balance things out. Would you mind waiting for a decision until then?

    We can do the running, when the weather eventually improves :)

  • That's what my gym membership is for, thankfully it's open really late for anti-social people like me!

    It occurred to me the other week that when the gym is closed the streets are always open for a lap :)

    I'll await the day that suits best, it makes no difference to me I just would like to lock one down. If I don't make myself do it on a day it will be tempting to post tomorrow...then the next day...and the next, and then I've forgotten and not been accountable.

  • I shall be in touch then and in the meantime, you can be running laps :)

  • I believe I was to comment on your week moreless but I didn't see it on the Monday thread, I could be being dopey?!

    In any case, I will attempt to post some helpful replies to others by unashamedly copying your style moreless. :) I just hope they are helpful.

  • I haven't actually posted yet, Lofters, because I'm going to be posting a couple of threads, so thought I'd wait until then, especially as yesterday was so busy :)

    You reply away, in any style you like, but I like your own inimitable style :)

  • I too am on the wagon and starting the 12diet from week one so good luck to all of us in 2010.

  • Tuesday weigh ins will suit me just fine. This will be my first weigh in , as I'm a newbie, but my first week has gone reasonably well, and I have been so buoyed up by everyone's support here. Thank you folks !

    But not too sure where I post my weigh in results...sorry to be dopey ??

  • You weigh in on this thread Bertieboy 🙂

  • Thank you.

  • Hi and welcome you just post it here like you just answered above my text.

    Put your starting weight and what you hope to loose by next Tuesdays eg. Starting weigh 14.2 hope to loose 2lbs next week.

    So next week you can put what you were this week also. e.g.

    14.2 last week, 14.0 this week lost 2lbs, hope to loose 2lbs next week.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you.

  • My first Tuesday weigh in and I haven't weighed in for many months because I fell off the wagon and gained back all the weight I'd lost! So here goes. Last Tuesday I was 74.8kg and today I am 72kg so a loss of 2.8 which is massive but it was the festive excess! I'd gained a LOT in November and December.

  • I find weight comes off easier in that first few weeks Ceriandblue...but I think the biggest hurdle (for me at least) is getting back into the routine of healthy eating. So big pat on the back!! Go you 👏👏👏

  • Fantastic loss Ceriandblue ☺ very well done! It's not easy getting back into the swing of things after a break ☺

  • Wow thats brilliant, what a great start to 2017. Firmly back on the wagon I reckon!

  • Good morning Cb and woohoo to you!!! 2.8kg down! WTG! What a star! :)

    You've managed to hop back on the wagon, gather up the reins and get right back on track! You should be so proud of yourself! :)

    Here's wishing you a fandabedozy week and another splendiferous loss on the scales!

    Happy Tuesday! :)

  • Just come on here to read how you've done. Woweeeeeeee. What a result. Well done you on losing 2.8kgs - it may be the festive excess that's gone, but it still shows the result of determination and sticking to your eating plan.

  • That is a fantastic result for the week, Ceriandblue, so you certainly seem to be back on track - well done you :)

  • I feel your pain, I gained a stone over December! Very well done on a fabulous result, we know things usually slow after the first week or two of getting back on track but that doesn't matter because you lost such a huge chunk already, right?! Onwards and downwards!

  • well done!

  • Bertieboy it's my first weigh in too. I've had a positive week with eating, but I've struggled to fit in much exercise. As it's my first week I've done well. 5lbs off 😊 (I always lose the most in the first 2 weeks before it becomes more gradual)

    Start weight: 14st 7.5

    Now: 14st 2.5

    I've eaten around 1,400 calories each day & tried to vary what I eat. In the past I've got caught into the trap of eating the same meals every day because I feel confident about the calories. Sometimes I've been really tired & felt hungry when I shouldn't be...a hunger that doesn't satisfy after each snack I eat...but I've replaced eating crisps & biscuits to satisfy me with fruit, carrots and water

  • Hi Jet, welcome to the Tuesday weigh-in :)

    That's a fantastic loss for your first week, well done you! :)

    I'm concerned that at 14st, 1400 calories is too low for you and will end up being unsustainable. Check your allowance on the NHS BMI calculator, because I think you'll be surprised and pleased at what's recommended for you :)

    Keep up the great work and have another fab week :)

    PS To make sure that Bertieboy, or anyone else knows that you've mentioned them, you need to tag them. To do that, type @ before their name, with no space between, wait for a drop down (if you can't see it, scroll down a bit), then click on the name you're looking for. It will appear blue, if you've done it correctly :)

  • Totally agree about checking your allowance! The heavier you are the more pleasantly surprised you are, I know I was. Plus, it makes it feel much easier to stick to because you know in advance that you won't have to feel hungry all the time to lose weight. Another word of encouragement: although exercise is obviously good for you, it's not compulsory, you can still lose weight without it - I am living proof of that. I have limited mobility so am pretty sedentary but I can still lose weight by sticking to the lower end of my recommended calories. When I don't fall off the wagon, that is - lol! Definitely follow Moreless' advice about checking your recommended calories, when I've been on track I haven't felt hungry, and have still lost weight. It's just about making the most of what calories you are allowed and as we know, fruits and veggies are great for filling you up with minimal calories, so go for it!

  • Well done for such a great loss this week! It sounds like you are already making good choices for snacks and I'm sure it will get easier. Good luck for the coming week

  • Wow that's brilliant Jet117 👍 I find the more weeks pass the easier it gets, as a snack have you tried nuts, humous, a couple of squares of dark chocolate, fruit and herbal teas, ice lolly, frozen grapes are my favourite especially in summer.

    I too try to stick around 1400 calories have you checked this is what you should be aiming for using the BMI checker you don't want to sell yourself short.

    Good luck for next week😊

  • Frozen grapes for the summer? What a great idea - thanks for that one Itsbab

  • Hi Jet117, you have done amazingly well this week, but as @moreless says, perhaps you are being too restrictive with your calories if you are "really tired and hungry when I shouldn't be". The BMI calculation may surprise you, giving you perhaps 200 calories more a day (it did for me) and that may be enough to stop those energy dips.

  • well done, your approach for this time around sounds very sensible and you've done very well already!

  • 13.8 last week, 13.6 this week so lost the Christmas pound plus one more thank goodness.

    Trying to up the activity more to regain focus on the journey since the Christmas holidays where lots of sitting around occurred lol.

    Hope to loose 1lb next week here goes!🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

    Hope everyone has a fab Tuesday😊

  • Woohoo Bev! Well done you! Already burning the old excess, rather than the more recent! Good job! I wish I could say the same! :D

    Wishing you another fantastic week :)

  • Hopefully I am going for that 4st badge Moorless I seemed to have this one an age but still have 5lbs more to go😰

    On the plus side finally after so many years I am officially lighter than my hubby by 3lbs! ( secretly been feeding him up lol)

    You will soon be back on track we will push you back on it🛤

  • Go you! I can't wait to give you your 4st badge, although I think there may be a bit of a scuffle between the 4 of us now! :D

    LOL! I have the same situation with my hubby! Mind you, since the Christmas excesses, I think I may weigh more than him again, but he's too scared to weigh himself! :D

    Thanks for your support :)

  • 4 st is serious weight loss Itsbab - simply amazing - well done you. I imagine you must have had to slowly revamp your entire wardrobe?

  • Not got there yet but yes I had a massive clear out after Christmas and got myself a new dress in the sales as a non food reward. Feels good especially when you have a huge amount to lose to start with but so grateful for the lovely people on this forum keeping me on the straight and narrow.❤️

  • Fantastic Itsbab ☺ that 4 stone badge will be yours very soon ☺

  • Well done! Its so good to feel back on track and in the zone again. You must feel you can almost touch that 4 stone badge! Great motivation!

  • Hi and Thankyou 👍 I usually am about a pound a week so it will be a few weeks yet before I get there.

  • Well done Itsbab. Good luck for next week. I hope to lose 1lb next week too.

  • What a fab result, well done! Firstly, only gaining 1 pound over Christmas deserves a medal. Secondly, not only is that one gone, but you shifted another one to boot - outstanding! Good luck for next week, although it sounds like you don't really need it - you've got this! :-)

  • Hopefully I am on a mission I don't want ever to fail again had too many of those plus the aching knees, hips and ankles are so much better😊 hope you have a good week too WW👍

  • Ooh I know what you mean, I put on a stone over the whole of December and it's incredible how it has affected my pain levels. The thought that I was originally another couple of stone heavier than that had me filled with awe that I had even managed to climb out of bed! I'll be trying to keep all of that in mind the next time I think about eating anything over calories! :-)

  • well done Itsbab! great start

  • Weight today 12 st 7 lb, hope to lose 2lbs by next week.

    My first weigh-in since 19th December, which I think was my last one when I weighed in at 12 st 6 lb for FizzyLiz's pre-Christmas Challenge . And of course, this doesn't tell the whole story. Today I'm 12 st 7 lb, which is down 1 lb from last week, so that's good and though I'm still a pound up I'm heading back in the right direction. However, in the days between 19th and Christmas itself I had reached 12 st 5 lb and held it for a couple of days. But hey, overall it could have been a lot worse, so I must be pleased it wasn't and celebrate the small reduction from last week. Onwards and downwards!

  • Well done you. Its sounds like you've maintained things really well over Christmas and thats amazing! And great that you've lost 1lb since last week - the tiny gain is already coming off. Good luck for this week.

  • Well done I think you have done brilliantly over the festive season and heading in the right direction now. 👍😊

  • Great job, very well done on your loss! It sounds like your Christmas was highly successful to me, you have sustained very minimal damage in the grand scheme of things and you've already lost a pound this week, so you have nothing at all to worry about! Onwards and downwards indeed! :-D

  • great :) you are indeed heading in the right direction!

  • Thanks LinaLamont - I only had one slice of Christmas cake over the whole period as I didn't make or buy one - I think that may have helped!

  • So here it is for me. I weighed myself last week at 11.07, and my scales this morning show a drop of 2 lbs...to a very encouraging 11.05. I'm so chuffed, two pounds woo hoo !! I am at the heaviest I've ever been for my frame, and have set myself a target weight of 10 stone by my birthday in mid June.My aim for next week is another two pounds, although secretly I would still be thrilled if it was only one pound. Good luck to everyone else too.

  • Welcome to the Tuesday weigh in! 2lbs is a great loss and a brilliant way to start 2017. Well done! You have plenty of time to reach your goal by your birthday, and you can lose it slow and steady which is perfect. Good luck for the coming week x

  • Thank you. It's a big birthday..(.wispers quietly my 60th), so if that isn't bad enough...when everyone knows I'm really only 21, I could soften the shock of entering free bus pass age buy looking a bit more streamlined. That's the hope anyway !!

  • Good idea BertieBoy, no one will know about your pass they'll think it's a student pass 👌👌

  • Snap Bertieboy! It's my 60th in May and I'm desperate to reach healthy BMI by then! We can keep each other on the straight and narrow! :)

    Bus Passes R Us! ;)

  • 60 only a number mines next year lol but apparently i dont get my bus pass til 2024 when i reach state pension age lol .

  • Two pounds is very respectable so well done you - it will be a great birthday present to yourself, won't it, when you get to your target weight? And notice I use 'will' and not 'would' - extra positive thinking on its way to you!

  • Yes your right...I will, I can, must lead to ...I did, I succeeded. And best of all I can now say "I've started".

  • 2lbs is a safe amount to loose so well done for that and 1-2lbs a week is slow and steady👍

    My hubby will be 60 this year so do you get your bus pass then? if so I can see us ditching the car and taking the bus on long journeys. Plus extra walking win win!

  • Well done Bertieboy 2lb Brilliant my birthday is mid June too onwards & downwards have a great week

  • Woo hoo, that's 4 packs of butter gone away, excellent result - congrats! :-)

  • well done, that's great :D

  • Morning everyone,

    Today I weigh 11st 1lb, so I have lost 2lbs.

    My goal next week is to lose 1lb.

    11st is my half way point so I'm feeling very motivated to achieve that this week! Also I have bought a bike pump so I plan to get my bike out this week and increase my activity levels, which are really rubbish. I feel very unfit at the moment.

    Good luck to you all in the coming week. x

  • Half way to your goal must feel really good JiminyCricket. I haven't worked out where my half-way mark would be, but I will do - good idea. Have a good week :)

    Edit addition: I forgot to say thank you for posting the thread JC - it's great that you took it on

  • Thanks! I forgot that I was out at work ALL DAY today (I usually work from home!) so massive thanks to everyone for keeping the balls in the air today! .

    Small goals are good, makes it feel like you can achieve anything.

  • JiminyCricket , well done, and good luck for next week too. Glad you've dug the bike out and dusted it off. That's exactly what I've done too. I've invested in some decent lights, a foot pump and I high viz gilet. I'm hardly Bradley Walsh, my little circuit is less than 4 miles, but I'm trying to do it at least twice a week, and guess what I'm loving it. So cycle safely and look forward to hearing how it's going.

  • JiminyCricket, I suppose I'd better get my bike out it's been in the garage with its own blanket for about 3 year so it's time it had an airing. Good luck let us know how you get on 👏👏

  • I love cycling! Just need to get back in the habit. I lost my bike pump and lock a while ago, so replacing these things will hopefully mean Im on the road very soon!

  • JiminyCricket well done on both your loss of 2lbs and for posting today's weigh in thread. I weighed in yesterday due to habit more than anything else but am looking at perhaps changing the day when I get my head sorted! Well done :-) :-)

  • Thanks. I'm sure you'll find the day thats right for you. Its nice to have a choice isnt it!

  • Just imagine if you get 2lbs you will be in the 10's somewhere I haven't been since I was 23 lol.

    Thanks for posting the weigh in you have done a brilliant job, happy cycling 🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🚴🏼‍♀️🚴

  • Its mad to think of being in the 10s again. Its been 8 years. And my ultimate goal is 9st7, which I last weighed in between having my 2 kids, about 12 years ago. I was a stick at 23, something like 8 stone or less, totally oblivious of dieting or even worrying for a second about what I ate!! Dont think I'll see those days again!!

    Thanks for all your support and replying today - I realised this morning that I was going to be out at work ALL DAY - I usually work from home! - so not ideal for my first weigh in. But never mind. After all, this new system should be able to cope with that.

  • No worries we just muck in and help each other that way we get through it all. We still have to do normal every day things it's just putting the post on that matters. If you can't do it on your days just send me a PM and I will do it we can work together on this one.

  • I love that cycling emoji, looks like we are on the Tour de France

  • Enjoy giving your bike a service JiminyCricket. I've got new brake pads AND tyres on order for mine, as my bike is in serious need of TLC at the moment, everything's worn out! Plus I'm going to get a sponge and some fairy liquid and just give it a good clean! Let's get ahead of all those fairweather cyclists and get out there riding while the days are still grey. You'll be feeling fit again before you know it :)

  • Wow you sound right on the case! Perhaps we need a cycling challenge!

  • Yep cleanest bike wins :)

  • Oh gosh, that won't be mine!

  • At the risk of sounding like I'm on repeat: woo hoo, that's 4 packs of butter gone! Very well done, you sound like you are in an excellent, positive frame of mind. Onwards and downwards!

  • Oh I always translate my weight loss into packs of butter! After all, thats what most of mine is!

    have a great week x

  • great job and hope the biking goes well!

  • Itsbab well done, that's the same loss I just recorded, in my first week. I'm feeling really pleased because I've been trying SO hard. I reckon we can both pat ourselves on the back, and good luck for the coming week. I shall look forward to seeing how you are doing.

  • Well done right back to you👍 it feels good doesn't it? I shall look forward to seeing how you are getting on, as a forum we can all do this when we help each other.

    Good luck for next week. 😊

  • Good morning all, back on track this week last week weight 13.12 1/2 lb today 13.10 1/4 really pleased to have a loss of 2 1/4 lb . Thanks jiminycricket for doing the tuesday weigh in x

  • Nice one Cherry - have a good week :)

  • Cherry . Well done!!

  • Great result, well done! :-D

  • Thanks weightwarrier hope your having a great week 😀

  • Wow thats properly back on track - well done you!

  • well done!

  • Thank you 😊

  • Hello!

    Thank you for creating a Tuesday weigh in - I always forget Mondays!

    Last week I was 12st 6 Today I weigh 12st 5..... only a 1lb loss, was hoping for more!

    Been really good with main meals but I think the hangover of Christmas chocolate that I treat myself to once in a while might be the problem. No treats this week, upping the exercise to 4 times a week too - hope to loose 2lbs.

    Good luck this week everyone.

  • You and I are currently hovering around the same weight Sd33 so perhaps we can watch out for each other along the way? My goal is 11 St 7 lb so I've got quite a way to go (14 lb), given that I'm taking it really slow: 1 lb a week max to give my 60+ year old bod time to adjust as the weight comes off! I'm guessing you are probably going faster than me?

  • Hi Dietbunny of course! 11st 7lb is a great goal, I'd love to be in the 11s! Im 30 this year and I'd like to be going faster but my body has other plans! I'm back to my running and netball twice a week but i'm in a constant battle of will power when it comes to treats! We can do this! Good luck this week!

  • I like your thinking - yes, we can do this! I feel more motivated and positive about actually achieving my goals than ever before, and I'm sure being part of this forum is a significant factor in that. Good luck yourself...

  • 1lb a week is safe and steady just think if we only loose 1lb a week in a year that's 3st 10lbs!

  • It doesn't sound to bad if you put it that way! Thanks! :)

  • Gosh, thats a great way to look at it! 3st 10 lbs !!!! Wowzers.

  • Hey, "only"?! That's two packs of butter, imagine that on a plate before you say "only" in future, ok! Very well done! :-D

  • Well done you! 1lb is still 1lb, its all in the right direction, and all these little chunks dont half add up! Good luck upping your exercise - what are you going to do?

  • a loss is still a loss! slow and steady wins the race :)

  • Hello JimineyCricket, my weight today is 16st 9lb, still, been the same for weeks now. I would like to lose at least 1lb this week. Thank you

  • Hi Cockneyblue :) How are you doing? You've stayed the same for a few weeks, as in you've maintained over xmas and new year? That sounds pretty good to me. I was up and down over the same period and lots of people came out of it with a gain so a maintain is especially good news this time of year. But I understand your impatience to see the scales start shifting downward. I hope that stubborn next lb shifts soon :)

  • Hi Ruth canal runner, I posted before reading the whole post but will catch up next week. You do really well with your motivation and after my last few months, I take comfort from that and everyone else who is so supportive. I can't remembr what my weight was last time I weighed in so I guess I'm a "born again" member!! But I haven't given up, in spite of the stress I've had. I'll look forward to some steady progress at weight loss and increasing my steps. Those can be this week's goals. Yesterday was 6667 steps, so a good start to the week.x sorry if I'm rambling a bit. Once again, thank you for your positivity xx

  • 6667 steps sounds like a lot to me - well done for a great start to the week, and I'm sure you'll be flying along. Have a great week x

  • Hi Ruth_canal_runner please don't give me undue credit I didn't do anything different but just stayed the same. I was a bit unwell for a day but I've just stuck. I don't really mind as long as it doesn't go on. I know I've a lot to lose but I'm sure it will start again as there's been a lot of good advice on here again. Good luck everyone for next week. See you next Tuesday 👍👍👍 1lb down, I hope

  • Hi have you tried to eat more for 1 day then back to your normal calorie for weight loss? it was suggested to me when I was maintaining and did indeed help me to start moving again albeit slow and steady. But to maintain over xmas is fantastic. 👍

  • That's a great result to have stayed the same over the festive period. I wish I had been as successful as you have been, well done! Good luck for the week ahead!

  • Hello Cockneyblue , thank you for joining the Tuesday weigh in. I think you've done well to maintain over Christmas, that shows considerable self control! Good luck for the week ahead, and my fingers are crossed for you!

  • Thank you JiminyCricket. I hope 1lb will be off next week 👍👍

  • good luck for this week!

  • Good luck to you too LinaLamont. Thank you 👍

  • I'm returning to the weekly weigh in after being away for about 3 months due to having a very stressful last quarter of last year, culminating in a mini meltdown before Christmas. In order to confound the "experts" who say resolutions get broken by 8th Jan, I'm starting mine on the 9th!!! I weighed in this morning at 10 st 8 lbs. A gain from the last time I weighed in, but not as much as I thought there would be. I am now fighting back, physically and mentally and have missed everyone on here. Sad to say goodbye to some but happy to welcome new admins and new ways of working. Wishing everyone a really good year in 2017 and apologies to all those I didn't keep in touch with at the end of last year xx

  • Happy new year sopmarfree :) You sound in control and ready to combat the fallout of last year's stresses. Good luck sticking to your well-laid plans. Those experts are re-calculating their stats right now, trying to deal with mavericks like you who are getting on plan after the new year resolutions window has apparently passed. Should keep them busy until next new year!

  • Eat healthy, up the exercise even if just walking and to help de stress for me I find its music🎤🎤🎤in the car, in the house, an uplifting beat to move and sing along to and I have done a lot of that to ease me out of depression but it helps enormously. That mini meltdown was me last Christmas through to May when I started my journey.

    Even if your weight stays the same healthy food and getting your mindset back is what's important feeling positive and uplifted, happier.

    All the best Bev

  • Thank you,Bev. Having a husband who is both a radio presenter and a DJ, means we are never short of music!! And it does help 😊

  • Welcome back! I wish you a happy and healthy 2017. I've had a really flaky year, disappearing for months on end from the forum, etc, etc. The main thing is, we're back and can work with the intent we have right in this moment, and even if we have blips (let's hope not but one never knows eh), thanks to the wonderful folk in this forum we can choose to come back again and again and again without judgment - how valuable is that?! We get a second chance every second of every day to change things, so, let's do it - onwards and downwards!

  • welcome back. sorry to hear you've had a such a tough time, but also glad to hear you are fighting back! you can do it :D

  • Hi Jc this is my first weigh in since beginning of December my weight today is 11st4lbs I have gained 4lbs so that is my first target to get rid of that I am starting the 12week diet from week one. My aim for this week is to get more exersize I have become a couch potato and tv addict with all the choc and crisps that go with it so its wake up time for me.

    Good luck to you and all the new volunteers it's a good job your doing well done.😀

  • Hi holiday100, good to hear you sounding positive about addressing that 4lb gain and all the things that led to it! Good luck starting week 1 of the NHS 12 week plan. How will you beat the couch potato tendencies and tv addiction? Time to develop a walking habit/ new hobby/ something to keep your hands busy? Hope it all goes to plan :)

  • I do go walking it's my hobbie just got a bit lazy over the hols but doing a 5 miler tomorrow to get me back into it and for night I have a big jigsaw to do and I have stocked up with healthy snack if I need one.So I think I am all sorted the scales will tell.Thank you for your reply.

  • Sounds like a solid plan of action. Good luck and enjoy tomorrow's trek :)

  • Thanks it might be a bit windy I hope it pushes us along but it's good to be getting out ther

  • Hey holiday, I think a 4 pound gain over the course of a month, AND during the festive period to boot, is a pretty good result to be honest! It sounds like you know how it happened and how to sort it out, so I'm sure you will be losing it in no time at all. Onwards and downwards!

  • Hi thanks we can only try I have some walks planned a 5miler tomorrow to get me started and jig saw for nighttime to keep the hands busy the scales will tell.

    Good luck to us all in 2017

  • Welcome back! It sounds like you have had a wonderful relaxing Christmas, and have started 2017 in a wonderfully positive frame of mind! Good luck doing the 12 week plan. x

  • good luck!

  • Thank you I hope you do well.

  • Thank you for posting this JiminyCricket :) I'm weighing in today as yesterday was my first full day feeling "normal" after my thurs/fri stomach bug. But the scales still show a fairly major loss, 2lbs down to 9st12. I'm partly delighted, of course, but I'm very aware that it might not be representative of where I'll be at when I'm fully recovered. Also, after a bug I seem to have a tendency to eat a bit extra or take it super easy with exercise, to the extent I can end up gaining overall. So my goal for the next week is to simply stay in the 9s. This may mean regaining a lb or maintaining, but as long as I don't regain the whole 2lbs (+any extra!) I'll be happy :)

  • Glad you are recovering now there are so many bugs and colds around its crazy.😜

    2lbs is good and safe but as you say when you have been poorly things can go quickly either way. Just staying in the 9's sounds good to me just concentrate on building your strength up, get those hearty soups down you!!!!

    Hope you feel 100% soon ❤️️

  • Thanks itsbab. It was my 4th bug this winter! I feel like I'm just catching everything going :( Will be getting a load more veg in today to make more soup. Luckily I had some in the freezer, just waiting for when I needed it. You stay well too. This grey old winter is far from over yet! :o

  • Too true and up to present I think I have done well to avoid the colds etc. Look after yourself and stay warm. 😊

  • :) will do 🔥🔥🔥

  • Aww bless you, bugs really aren't the nicest way to lose weight are they, I hope you are feeling a lot better now. I also hope you manage to dodge any other germs which may be doing the rounds, it sounds like you have had more than your fair share of them! The eating a bit extra and taking it easier with exercise just sounds like the best way to be kind to your body so that you are sure it is fully recovered and hopefully nice and strong to fight off more potential illness, so I think you are right to look at it the way you do, that you may gain a little, but it is honestly better to do that than to do too much too quickly and possibly leave a slightly weaker immune system open to more illness. Better to fully recover!

    It's always inspiring to read posts from someone who is maintaining, as it's like a glimpse into a potential future for us folk who are still losing. I think I've probably said it before, I am full of admiration for you Ruth, and for everyone who manages to maintain so well. Thank you for being here to show us the way on how to keep our weight level as and when we hopefully reach our healthy BMIs!

  • That's such an amazingly nice reply Weightwarrior! Thank you, I feel better already just from reading that :) I think I'm showing you a bit of a chaotic future in the land of maintenance but glad it seems like I'm maintaining "well" from where you're looking :) I will definitely be taking care as recovery is more than just getting back to normal. My immune system seems to be wide open this winter. Will be checking out the vits section in boots at first opportunity...

  • Life is chaos - it's always throwing rubbish at us! So, to be doing so well in the face of adversity is inspiring to us all! My friend swears by Eccinacea (I can never confidently spell that word!) to ward off colds etc, but I don't take it myself so can't vouch for it. I seem to remember reading that it is meant to be helpful, and I guess it couldn't hurt. I was reading a few months back on natural remedies, I was looking specifically for natural antibiotic type things. Unfortunately, I forget things as fast as I've read them, but for some reason garlic and honey are two things which seem to stick in my head (although maybe not together, don't think I could stand the taste - lol!). I had got into a habit of drinking a cup of ginger, honey and lemon tea every day but then I stopped taking care of myself for a bit. I THINK (from a very dodgy memory...) ginger is anti-inflammatory, lemon's good for vit c, and honey natural antibiotic type of thing, but don't quote me please. I know I started drinking it for various reasons that I'd read about purported health benefits but I'm sketchy on the specifics. Never mind, I'm sure google will help me out again! :-D

  • That all sounds familiar. You'll laugh but I've been adding turmeric to my cooking (can't even remember what turmeric was meant to be good for) and have been gargling hot salt water. I normally swear by berocca (or the boots cheaper version) :)

  • Oh poor you, it sounds like you've had a rough winter with all those bugs. Do look after yourself and get healthy again. Good luck for the week ahead x And thank you for all your support with the weigh in today - I have been out ALL DAY (which I had forgotten as I usually work from home) - its great to see how everyone has pulled together. Hurrah for the Tuesday club!

  • Yay Tuesday club :) I think it's gone super well :)

  • Me too, its been lovely

  • glad you are feeling better Ruth and that sounds like a sensible goal... make sure you are fully recovered though and don't be afraid to take it easy if you have to!

  • Weight last week (stones): 19, 4, 1/2

    Weight this week (stones): 18, 11, 1/2

    Loss: 7 pounds

    I weighed yesterday and had already considered moving my weigh day to spread the load a bit, but when I saw the size of the Monday weigh-in, it confirmed my decision was the right one, so here I am on a Tuesday, with Monday's results! So, I had a couple of hiccups this week, including a bit of a left-over Christmas choccie binge, but I'm glad to see a loss in spite of that. My leg looked like a beached whale last Monday, so I am aware that probably at least 3-4 pounds of the loss was from the reduced swelling, as it's looking much better the last few days. In view of that, coupled with the fact that this week was basically hitting the reset button after a truly gluttonous December, I'm expecting next week to be a much smaller loss. Any loss will do for me! No specific goal to set other than to keep to my calories and food diary. I started keeping my food diary again this week and it really does help me to go back to it several times a day. There will possibly be days where I may falter this year as well, but if the good days can far outnumber the bad days, the overall result should be downwards eh?!

    Good luck to everyone for this week. :-)

  • Goodness that's a loss and a half Weightwarrior!! Not sure what the problem with your leg was but it sounds like it's massively improved :) Hope you're well on the road to recovery if not fully better now. Keeping track of food intake will definitely have made a difference too, as annoying as that may be... Good luck for another excellent week. Although maybe half a stone loss every week may be a bit much to ask...! :)

  • Lol yes, I know the first "reset" week is usually higher, so I'd happily settle for any loss every week!

  • Wow well done WW 👍👍👍👍and into a stone less bracket give yourself a huge pat on the back😊 We all falter at times it's just if we get back up and restart but even if it's only 1lb a week it's a loss and better off than on.

    But fantastic bet you are over the moon🌛

  • Thank you! I am still a stone heavier than I had reached in May last year, but I have to stop thinking of that and just keep looking forwards. I notice I've just looked backwards AGAIN! Tut, slapped wrist for me lol! :-D

  • Forward thinking on the positive never look back that's gone next week is your week to shine. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • OMG thats 14 whole pats of butter! What a totally awesome start to 2017! Just brilliant. Keeping a food diary makes such a difference doesn't it.

    Thank you so much for all your support with the weigh in today, you are wonderful and thoughtful and insightful in your answers x

  • wowza, that is amazing! well done. sounds like you have a very positive attitude :D

  • From next Tuesday I will put my weight & measurements on this thread instead of on the Monday Weigh-in thread, at moreless' suggestion. I will begin an exercise & nutrition programme at our local medical centre next Monday evening, for 12 weeks.

    I went for an interview today & during the course of it I was measured & weighted. I found my weight was 81.8kg, my waist 105cm, but she didn't measure my hips. But my blood pressure was rather higher than expected with a high of 183 & a low of 88. Even my pulse was higher than is normal for me with 88 bpm.

  • Hi King David, welcome to the forum! It's a good start to know your measurements. It sounds great to participate in a programme in the next 12 weeks, I am sure you will do well. Let us know how it goes, if you have issues or doubts there is a very supportive community that can help with these :)

    Regarding your blood pressure were you nervous at all? Mine has been taken when I'm late for a hospital appointment, stressed about it and had just run up three flights of stairs, and then they were surprised it was "elevated"!

    Best wishes for the week ahead!


  • This is a very good point, the same has happened to me too (not the 3 flights of stairs bit though) :)

  • I'll "third" that! My mum has the same issue at the doctors' surgery because she gets very anxious before she goes and that elevates her BP too!

  • That programme sounds like a really positive way to start the new year, good luck with it! :-D

  • Hello and welcome to Tuesday weigh ins! How nice to have all your measurements as a starting point, so you can see your achievements compared to where you began. Have a great week!

  • welcome to the forum and best of luck with starting your programme!

  • Usually post on Monday, but yet again, forgot to post yesterday. So I actually weighed yesterday.

    As at 19.12.16 I was 197lbs

    As at 09.01.17 I was 200lbs

    So gained 3lbs over the Christmas period, but I'm really not concerned, I honestly thought it would be more.

    Hopefully I can get rid of some of those 3lbs for next week :)

  • I don't think many of us got away without pitting something on over the festive season but 3lbs isn't too bad and I am sure by next week if will be off again.

    Will be great to see you post on Tuesdays if it's better for you but anyday is fine if you are used to Mondays.

    Good luck for next week. 👍

  • I agree with Itsbab, the festive period has a lot to answer for, for a lot of us! You sound confident in your ability to kiss goodbye to those 3 pounds and I'm sure you are right, they will be gone again in no time at all.

    Now that there are weigh-ins split up over the week, I deliberately opted for posting my Monday's result on Tuesday so that it splits the workload up for the admin a bit, so I reckon forgetting yesterday could have been a bit of a happy accident! I'm going to see how things pan out on the weigh-ins because it won't hurt me to shift my weigh-in day depending on how busy each day's thread gets, it's all the same to me in the grand scheme of things. I write it in my diary so it matters not which day I post on.

    Anyway, my ability to waffle on has completely taken over again so I will just stop right here and say, good luck for next week!

  • I'm sure you can, you sound so positive and determined! I'm sure those 3lb will be gone in no time. All the best for the week ahead x

  • good luck - that's not a big gain and it sounds like you have a great attitude towards it :) i'm sure those pesky pounds will come off in no time!

  • Hi all I weighed in last week at 15st 13lbs I'd put on 4lbs from before Christmas that continued through the week and it had gone to 16st 2lbs now weighed yesterday at 15st 13lbs so I've generally stayed the same even though 3lbs has changed through the week which know doesn't count but makes me feel better 😀 good luck to all for next week onwards and downwards 😆

  • Hi! It sounds like you've had a rollercoaster week, but a maintain is great - especially considering you went up 3lbs over the week then lost it again. Thats great! I'm sure it'll all settle down now that Christmas is over and its easier to get back into a steady routine. Wishing you a fantastic week ahead x

  • well done, a maintain is great :)

  • Thanks JiminyCricket. I think Tuesdays will be my new weigh-in days, it just suits me a bit more :)

    I have lost 1.75lb since last week - 11st9.25 today down from 11st11. So that's Christmas weight gone and a little bit more :) Also have started exercise again this week having been poorly for the last three weeks. I'm already feeling much better for it! I really want to smash weight loss and reach my goal (11st0) as soon as possible - but I think it will take a couple of months at least :-)

    Hope everyone has a lovely week :)

  • Welcome to Tuesdays! Its suits me more too - I just like that extra day to 'make up' for the weekend!

    1.75lb loss is just brilliant! Well done on losing that Christmas weight so quickly, and already making inroads on your goals. What a great start to the year. Taking a couple of months to reach your goal is a good idea really - it will help you to learn new good habits and that in turn helps you keep it off.

    Good to hear you're feeling better too, and ready to start exercise. What do you usually do?

  • thanks lovely JC :) Haha I agree, weekends are the days I tend to overindulge and then I use Mondays to try and make up for it!

    I normally run 3 times a week - I did a 10k in December, but then what with Christmas and being ill I haven't run for about a month... I went out for 25 minutes yesterday and it was HARD and I was a lot slower! But I'm ok with taking some time to get back into it :) I also do an hour of yoga once a week and try to walk 30 minutes minimum a day. How about you?

    My legs are wondering what's hit them after all this exercise, but I feel so much better overall!

    Hope you have a lovely week :D

  • Wow zero I think you might be superwoman! ! I'm very impressed! There is no way on this planet I could run 10k. Good for you!! I usually walk 30 mind a day which is the school run. Digging at the allotment, and now my bike is back on the road, pottering about town to do the banking et with 2 wheels instead of 4. My job is pretty sedentary and I use the car too much. I need to get fitter this year !

  • Sorry about the weird typos - this app doesn't agree with my phone and I can't go back over what I've written!!

  • no worries! I think superwoman might be pushing it but I do enjoy running ... I'd encourage you to try out c25k if you fancy it as that's how I got started! but biking is also awesome, I haven't gone on a bike in about 5 years lol and I miss it!

  • Hello everyone & big thanks to the administrators.

    I am 11st4lb, which is 2lb down from my last weigh in on 19th Dec. My weight stuck for 1 wk, then lost 1lb after Christmas (it's true!!),then gained 1lb after Hogmanay, then lost 3lb last week in total.Bit long winded there, but want to get it all out as missed my weigh ins over the hols.

    My goal for next week is to lose 1lb. My long term goal is to get to @10st by losing a steady 1-2lbs per wk.

    I've been swimming & walking over the festive to try & keep good habits going which helped me to keep on track. I even went hillwalking last weekend, which felt good that I'd achieved this early in the year. Back to work this week after a lengthy break,so hoping this won't upset my weight loss mojo too much 😊

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