Hard Start!

Hi everyone,

Well had an utterly rubbish first day! :( I am having a really terrible time at work, crying all the time and it makes me want to come home and loose myself in food. However I know that this is the one thing at the moment I have control of so have not gone over my calories and determined to keep fighting! It's a long road but hoping that chipping away at my weight is going to make a big difference to my life. I need to get my food organised and plan ahead! any ideas for easy chicken dishes?

Hope you are all doing well. Will read posts when I have some time.

Cat lady


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15 Replies

  • Hi. You are right you can control your eating but can't control other stuff happening. Well done for seeing this and I am sure something good can come out of your difficult time at work. Good luck🤞

  • You poor thing - I know how you feel, I've been there. Ella is spot on with her advice. Keep your chin up, and I hope you have a better day tomorrow 🍀

  • Sorry, meant to say try the Hairy Dieters Spanish chicken - it's lush..... Caz28 has also commented on this tonight and posted the recipe ! It a great family favourite in our house.

  • Hi Cat Don't think of the long road just think of getting through today and do the same tomorrow and before you know where you are your at the end of the week. lose a lb or 2 a week soon turns into stones and thats the way we have to think, come on we can do this, I had a really good week and was so focussed last week then had a few days away and I think I have blown it. I wont know until I weigh tomorrow but I will just pick myself up and get on with it. And we can do this together. chin up -:) x x

  • You've done well! we all have bad days from time to time, know how you feel. Here is a chicken dish I like: roast a whole chicken (rub spice on chicken skin and put spice inside chicken for extra flavour), you can have salad with your chicken. Leftover bones can be used for making stock, then boil some rice noodles with chicken stock, add chopped pak Choi, spring onions, soy sauce, some pepper and salt, and chopped roasted peanut, then you get a tasty chicken rice noodle soup:)

  • It's great to hear that other people like to boil up a carcass to make stock for soup. Some people start worrying about the fat but the great thing is, let the stock go cold and you can scoop any fat straight off the top. Best thing is, there's no 'E' numbers or anything and your food tastes better too.

    The soup idea sounds good, I'll have to have a go at that.

  • Yes, you're totally right, I do read labels and try not to have products with E numbers there. Was about to post a tip of how to get rid of fat in beef stock, there you you, exactly the way you do it, let it go cold, the fat will be top and easy to get rid of.

    also if you struggle to find time to make your own stock, Boots' baby section has chicken/beef/veggie stock cubes which are full of herbs but no E numbers, and very low in salt.

  • Hi Catlady I'm a bit concerned to hear you're crying all the time. Are you stressed? If so I think you should see your doctor. Personally I think dieting comes second to you feeling happy at work.

  • We spend such a huge portion of our lives at work that it's so so important we can have mostly happy, tear-free days. I understand stress and pressures are unavoidable from time to time but I feel it crosses a personal boundary if we can't find a way to not let it impact on our emotions. You deserve to be happy at work. Losing weight is hard enough without everything else being a constant battle!

    If you can speak to a manager, or a supervisor to try and sort our whatever stresses are making you so upset, then it would be good if you felt you could. I know sometimes nothing can be done immediately but even just sharing the burden and knowing that someone understands can help to remove some of the pressures. Then you won't feel so tempted to turn to food. A massive well done on NOT giving in to those temptations, it shows just how strong you are. :)

    I hope things sort themselves out but keep going and don't give in :)

  • I'm concerned to hear that you are crying all the time. This sounds quite serious and I agree with hjskev that you should perhaps see your doc about this. Only you know the reasons for this but I think the weight/food is less important than dealing with the underlying causes. Hopefully it was just a bad day at the office, so to speak. Just don't ignore it if it wasn't. Apologies for making assumptions here..... Sending hugs your way.

  • Hi CatLady1969 - I'm sorry to hear that work is so dreadful at the moment and hope that you can see some light at the end of what sounds like a dark tunnel just now. You are doing really well holding on to the calorie control and I think that as Charley65 says, just focus on today and tomorrow for now. But do please seek some help if things haven't improved within a week 😺

  • Oh dear Catlady, I strongly urge you to seek support regarding work issues.

    The great news and reason to celebrate is your resolve to actively continue to reduce weight. Well done!

    I like chicken roasted with lots of crisp veg or salad.

  • Thank you so much everyone for your support. I have just come back from time off so need to give it time to settle. I had a better day today and am having some counselling sessions. Feel positive about loosing weight too and keen to really finish this year healthier and happier. Going to feel much better for my holiday in July! I will catch up on your journeys when I can this week. Thanks again I was very touched by your messages.

  • One step, one hour, one day at a time. Keep breathing and posting and take good care of yourself.

    jopo xx

  • Hi again CatLady1969 so glad you are getting some help. On the subject of low calorie chicken dishes that you first posted about, I like the BBC Good Food site for recipes because it quotes the number calories carbs etc. in each dish.


    You can also import the recipes into My Fitness Pal if you like to log your calories and progress. Hope things are going better for you and the weight loss is going well.

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