Hi! Just had a look at the 12 week plan, looks like a great idea. Been trying on my own for the past week and I'm 5lb down but it's difficult without any help Haha! Hoping to find people to help keep me motivated :)


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  • Hello and welcome 😃 I'm a newbie here too but I'm certain someone who knows what they're doing will be along shortly! Well done on your weight loss so far that's brilliant x

  • Thanks so much! How's your health journey going? X

  • Haha! Err, not very well at the moment I have been ill for coming up to 3 weeks now with the 'queen's cold' that turned into sinus and ear infections urgh! But I'm feeling a hell of a lot better tonight at last so I can finally get to it 😃 my first 'proper' day today and it's gone really well thank you x

  • Aw man. That sucks. There's been a lot of illness going on at the moment. Glad you're feeling better, I'm sure you'll absolutely smash it! X

  • Well done 5lb. Hope I can do that this week.

  • Thanks so much! Think it's just cause of the amount of rubbish I consumed over Christmas/new year haha my body probably went into shock. I'm sure you will! Good luck x

  • Well done! 5lbs is great! What a flying start. There's a post called 'hello newbies' in the pinned posts section, which should get you started with lots of info.

    There's a weigh-in every day of the week, so pick which day suits you and do a weekly weigh-in, and share your results with us all so we can support and encoarage each other. There will be one for Monday afternoon if you want to join todays and share your awesome result!

    And in between weigh ins, read peoples posts, join in the with chat, share ideas and be involved.

    Good luck!

  • Sounds awesome! Thanks so much x

  • 5lb is a super weight loss for week 1. What's your end goal? Don't forget to ask for a badge when you lose 7lb. Good luck!

  • I want to get to 13 stone. Hopefully more but i will be very happy with 13. I've always been big but in the last few years it's been creeping up. Thanks so much!il make sure to ask when I get it :) x

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