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day 1 .my thoughts

well it says im allowed 2000&odd... ive used 1077. so im presuming that good. i was thinking if i started yesterday my calories used would be massive . why bread is my cocaine i can easy do a loaf a day any type of butty ...so tomorrows shopping list i have removed bread , pies , i have canderel in stead of sugar ... cheese no , salt .. no... im a bit of a night owl which i will have to change i get watching tv in bed then start snacking ... so tonight tv goes off and social media goes off.... o i borrowed my sisters dog and took it for a 30 min walk i have a large park in front of my flat where i live its exersize... thanks for makeing me welcome to the forum. that has been one of problems im very independant and think im a inconvienence when asking for help ....ok again... thanks...

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Be warned of sweeteners, they receive a bad press and rightly so, please try to avoid them, read up on Aspartame, a horror story


Hi, I don't calorie count myself but I have been told it is not a good idea to eat too little as your body can go into shock causing metabolism to slow down. You are unlikely to sustain it. Maybe have some more protein like nuts, eggs. I would avoid carbs personally and avoid all sweeteners. Good luck

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Hi Ronny, you've only eaten half the number of calories you should have and that isn't good for you, I'd like you to have a look at this, to see why


In the Recipes/Meals/Snacks Topic, you'll get great food ideas, that are calorie counted and generally nutritionally sound. Please have a look at them, as I don't want you making yourself ill :)


all i really did was smaller portions ..breakfast . no lunch.... tea......couple of snacks and plenty of cups of tea .. i can go without sweetners i only started on the canderel instead of sugar .. when they said i have type 2 dieabetes


Hi Ronny, I agree you probably need to eat a bit more. But healthy stuff of course. I don't know your tastebuds, but I would opt for things like for example avocado, almonds and nuts, fruits. Good luck


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