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Just a little advice ☺

I'm a newbie to this I've worked out that from my bmi I'm obese which I New !! Lol😆, now it's saying that I should have btwn 1586 calories and 2036 calories I'm still not sure how it works should I have around 1800 then that's sort off btwn ??? What if I don't loose any weight ! 😮

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Give 1800 calories a try and see how you get on. My recommended calories are similar to yours and I eat somewhere in the middle. It is great if you eat less than 1800 some days, and if you have a special occasion like a birthday meal, you can go nearer to the top end.

Try it and see, and give it time!


Yes I see what you mean Ruby8 I've so much to loose I was just worried I could be having too much 😮 But thank you so much 😃


As long as you stay within the range you should lose weight. If you stick to the bottom end of the range you will lose weight more quickly than if you stick to the top end or you can go for anything in between. Personally I go for somewhere near the bottom most days, then head for the middle/top if I'm going out for a meal or over Christmas etc. Best thing to do is experiment for a week and see what happens. If the weight is coming off when you have 1800 calories I would stick to that; you can always reduce it in the future if your weight loss slows down. Good luck x


Thank you for that I'm going to stick to 1800 and see how I go

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