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I lost 3lbs in first 4 days but then 1lb on over weekend - even though I tracked everything and kept under 1200 kcals the whole time but bit less exercise at weekend as I was busy with other things. How do u deal with the ups & downs of weight loss journey? Anything u do to keep u on target long term! I have a total of 35lbs so it's a long journey. I'm hoping to loose this over 6mths if possible!

Oh also my daughter started nursery today and I've been an emotional wreck and desperate for snacks/chocolate but only had a skinny latte at home (60kcals!)

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Well done for sticking to your plan! :)

Stop weighing yourself as often - sometimes this can demotivate you - as you see the scales fluctuate more often. Stick to once per week and you'll see better results.

Also, its good to have smaller targets at first so they feel more achievable.

You might say "I want to loose 1/2 stone in 2 weeks times!" when you reach it you will feel a sense of achievement which will spur you on to keep going.

Hope this helps and hope your daughter has a lovely first day at nursery! xx :)


Firstly, well done on that overall weight loss of 2lb which is a fantastic start. I used to beat myself up about every little increase too and had to literally give myself a good talking to so that I could keep things in perspective and stay positive. Your weight will fluctuate depending on time of day, time of month and all sorts of things which we cannot control and also things like birthdays, Christmas and celebrations because we still need to "have a life", so we have to just accept that and look at the big picture. Try keeping a chart and as long as the trend over, say, a month is downwards then that is brilliant. It's hard to change the way we think, but it can be done and I am living proof of that!

My biggest concern from your post is that you are only allowing yourself 1200 calories a day. If you check on the NHS BMI calculator for your suggested calorie range (it will take into account your activity level) I am sure it will suggest that you eat rather more calories than that. Now I know you are going to think (as I did) that it is ridiculous to think that eating more can allow you to lose weight more easily, but it does work. I am only 5ft tall and can eat a whopping 1700 calories a day and I'm still losing weight (4st 11lb gone so far). I used to go very low calorie on previous weight loss attempts and the weight ALWAYS stuck after a stone or two had gone and then refused to budge further.

Also, the more calories you can eat while still losing weight, the less hunger pangs you feel and the more sustainable it is in the longer term as your body doesn't adjust to slow your metabolism to compensate so it helps prevent yo yo dieting.

Good luck x


Ok just done that. It says 1522-1900 jacks. But I don't believe I'll loose weight on that. My BMR is around 1500, so I need to reduce that to loose. If I'm exercising I'll have more kcals but never more than 1200 after thats factored in

But the sad thing is I was aiming for 10st 7lb as I remember feeling good when I was that weight a long time ago but not it says that's still overweight and for my age/height I should be 7st something to 10st 2lb. Hmmmm


No, I didn't believe it either, but it has worked for so many of us and it was someone on this forum who messaged me about it in the first place; quite frankly, I thought they had gone mad! All I can say is give it a try; I always stick to the bottom end of my calorie range under normal circumstances and go to the middle or top if I'm going out for a meal or it's Christmas or similar. The reason it works is that, when we severely restrict our calories for any length of time our bodies adjust so our muscles work more efficiently and our metabolism slows so that we need even few calories than normal to sustain us and it becomes more difficult than ever to lose weight. Weight loss is a funny business and this bit of it is very counter-intuitive I know. Personally I don't see the point in depriving myself of calories when I don't have to, but we all have to find what works for us and that can be different for different people. Good luck x

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Weigh yourself as often as you want to, but only log your weight "officially" once a week. I weigh on a Friday morning, first thing, after a wee and with no clothes on.

Weight will fluctuate, but it's important to note the trend. A downwards trend (however small) is what you want!

As for child starting nursery.... awwww! Seems like only yesterday, but my daughter is now 20 and I can't wait for her to go back off to University so that I can clean her room and use it for my daily exercises!

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