Posting under one of the topic headings to the right of my screen

Posting under one of the topic headings to the right of my screen

So when I am on the "Posts" tab and I want to post under a topic heading - say "Recipes/Meals/Snacks" - how do I do that please (anyone!) Failed last night - still trying to find my way around here slowly!

EDIT - Just discovered there is an option to select "Topic" when you get to the end of typing a post and the various topic headings are listed for me to select here! Leaving this posted in the general space for anyone else who's had the same problem!

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  • Thank you for posting this as I was wondering too!!

  • Glad I'm not the only one! Haa haa!

  • So, when you write your reply, at the bottom, before you post there are some boxes - one of which asks if you want this only to be viewed by members of the Weight Loss section (which I always tick), and there is one which asks if you want to select a topic heading.

    It is back to front in some ways - you write, then you choose your topic - hope that makes sense?

    It is brilliant when people do choose a Topic when they post a new thread - I often want to see what people have posted, in, for example, recipes, and now they are all together - as long as people have chosen a Topic. :)


    And I see you are ahead of me in working this out. :D

  • Important to mark it "followers in my community" ☺

  • Thanks for that! Yesterday I tried to share a recipe, but it didn't end up on the recipes thread. Guessing I could go back and try and change that?

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