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Days 5 / 6 ... Weekend went well !

Just a little update of what I got up to over the weekend!

Stuck to plan :)

Didn't keep up with my fruit and nut snacks though throughout the weekend days so looking to improve on this next weekend, so I don't end up hungry late at night :(

I went to The Trafford Centre for lunch with my friends and ordered an Avacado and Pepper Filo Pastry tart which came with salad! (Coast to Coast Restaurant) wasn't to sure how many calories so I just ate half the tart and all of the salad which was filling enough for lunch!

Sunday I made a meal plan for the week so I can stick to plan! :)

Not weighed myself yet as the battery has died in my scales! planning to get a new one at some point this week. Not too fussed with weighing myself though as I'm feeling benefits in other areas such as more energy / clothes seem to be fitting nicer.

:) Good luck everyone and hope you're sticking to plan! :)

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Hi beccybabs90 well done on sticking to your plan you sound very organised and I'm sure you will have done well with your weight loss , so pleased to hear you have more energy and that your clothes are fitting nicer it's a good feeling isn't it :)


Well done beccybabs90 that's an excellent weekend ☺ Planning is key so you are well prepared now ☺ The first few weeks are the most difficult, you are doing very well ☺


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