Question about the NHS BMI calculator

Hi all, I'm sure someone will know the answer to this,

When you put in your height, weight, and activity level, it tells you your BMI and what your healthy weight range should be, then gives you a reccommended calorie range.

It doesn't actually say if this is the calorie range needed for weight loss, but is that what it means?

If so I've been eating right at the bottom of the range which might be why I struggle with sticking to it!


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16 Replies

  • I can't see where it makes a calorie intake definition?

    I used My Fitness Pal to calculate a level. I think it is very low but I think I have a tendency to forget things and miscalculate portion sizes so prefer to set myself a lower target.

    I have at times felt I've not eaten enough and found eating a bit more has kickstarted a change.

    I'm a believer more in a quality not quantity regone so think more about loading with veg and good proteins.

    Good luck!

  • ThNks Frankie, I found it now!

  • If you click on the calorie range there is an elaboration (at least when you are using a laptop).

    It says: "You are probably consuming more calories than you need. If you want to lose weight at a sustainable, safe rate, try to stay within this calorie range. To lose around 1-2 pounds a week, stick to the lower end of this range. Upping your physical activity levels will help too."

  • Yes thank you, I just went back to page to check as Frankie53 couldn't see it and there's an arrow which if I click gives the explanation you just posted! I'm not counting calories at the moment but an estimate put me right at the bottom of the range so I will try eating just a little more healthy food to try to avoid hunger dips. Thanks 😀

  • Sounds like a good plan!

  • Hello Fran182716 ☺

    The calorie range is calculated for weight loss, and I would suggest that you eat as much as you can and still lose weight ☺ Everyone is different so you may need to try it and see, but for long term success it needs to be generous enough to prevent hunger ☺ ☺

  • Thanks Anna, I'm hoping I can still lose weight without counting every calorie as it makes me a bit obsessive and then it makes me cross, if I'm no lighter after a couple of months I will have to though!

  • Good luck ☺

  • How interesting - I regularly check my bmi and hadn't noticed.

    I don't slavishly calorie count - but stick to 1400ish. The calculator gave me another 100 calories at lower end. And a whopping 500 at top end.....maybe all that advice about eating a bit more is true.

    Bit confused now - but I do like @Anna61 advise - eat as much as you can get away with and still lose weight😂

  • Hi Suzybenj, yes that's pretty much what it gave me compared to what I expected. I guess your weight loss would be very slow at the top end but given that I keep losing and regaining the same half stone very slow might be more sustainable long term 😀

  • Ha - Me to - been up and down the same 5 pounds for months result no weight loss:-)

    But I am on the case again - no celebrations in Jan - so hoping for good results :-)

  • Sometimes if weight plateaus, it's worth changing SOMETHING, anything, just to jump start things again. During my weight loss, I have used a variety of "tools" from my arsenal - 5:2 fasting, exercise (different forms), now the Blood Sugar Diet.

    The body gets wise to a regular pattern of "living". Give it a bit of a wake up!

  • It's also worth revisiting the BMI calculator on a regular basis as you lose each half stone (or whatever suits you) to update yourself on the revised calorie range as your weight/BMI drops, It's also nice to see that BMI figure coming down!

  • Coolio- good call on calorie count..,

  • I started at the lower end of the calorie range with no success at all. It was only when I was advised on this forum to up my calorie intake that I started to lose. Good luck.

  • I find the BMI weight range suggested on the NHS Site is very restrictive; the lower weight they suggest for me is a weight I last weighed at the age of about 8 years old! I will target the weight at the upper end of the scale, although I feel very well now having lost almost 3 stone, but with a stone still to lose to achieve that target.

    The calorie figures they give will depend on how much weight you have to lose - if several stones, start with the higher figure and drop it down as you get closer to your ideal weight. I have found a figure of 1400 - 1500 calories works best for me. Any less, and I binge. Any more and the weight loss slows to a stop.... unless I up the activity levels to compensate.

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