Nearly hitting the 19st mark :(

New here, signed up today and hoping to loose 2lb a week for the whole of 2017... Target for 2018 loose 6 stone. Anyone have any advise on how to stick to healthy living. Tried all the fad diets, juice plus, shakes, shakes shakes lol, always give up and now im at my heaviest i need help. 1

I have put on 2 stone in 3 month! THIS NEEDS TO STOP


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  • You have one to the right place. You can do this! I have lost 3 stone in 3 months and weigh 19 stone 7 today. I am using a paleo diet because I don't like calorie counting bad also carbs were my downfall. Whatever diet you choose it is about showing determination to stick to it. If it worth it to you, you will do it! Some people lose weight slowly and that is fine. As long as you see it coming down you will feel happy. You are right to stop it now as you are reaching a weight that makes it harder to move around. Certainly at my biggest I was starting to find it tricky to do the things I enjoyed like sightseeing on holiday.

    Good luck 🤞

  • Thank you hun, I am currently researching the best way to go about my weightloss the healthy way. 3 STONE IN 3 MONTH wow thats amazing!!!!! Well done... xx

  • Mine was only so fast because of all the rubbish I was eating before plus I have been moving a lot!!

  • hi. I also have 6st to lose.. and currently following a low carb diet which is working really well for me.. I also go to the gym & swimming 5times a week now.

    I've also tried every diet going but this low carb one means I don't need to count calories or look at a book to see if I can have it or any special sort of food to buy.. .. it's just normal healthy food cooked from scratch!

    my aim is 7lbs per month and in Dec thats what I did..... so end of January im hoping to see my 1st stone badge.

    good luck with which ever diet you go with x

  • Thank you, I'm hoping to find one that suits me soon. Well done for December hun xx

  • Low carb (Blood Sugar Diet) working really well for me too! I've never felt better and lost weight as easily!

  • I've just bought the 8 week blood sugar diet book for my parents as they both have diabetes and on tablets so hoping it will help them too as well.

  • Did you really say 2018- I am still getting used to saying 2017....😀

    Check out NHS choices - it has all the answers

    I would break up that target a bit - so a bit at a time can be achieved and celebrated e.g. Half a stone at a time.

    Also don't be too punishing or self- denial on your self - or you won'tstick to it

    Really good luck - it would great to see you post next week having list a pound or two:-)

  • Hi, I'm still reading all the hints and tips. I was hoping for 2lb a week loss. Thanks for your support! X

  • Welcome. I signed up a while ago, then couldn't get here. I returned on Wednesday this week and am in the same weight bracket as you. I've been calorie counting this week, I shall be joining the Wednesday weigh ins. Perhaps it would encourage you if you joined one of the daily weigh ins? Whichever diet you choose to follow, try to think of it as a long term thing - a healthy eating plan for life. Good luck!

  • Thank you Hun, and good luck to yourself too... it's always works better with people who are going through the same xx

  • Hi Chelsbee90 and welcome to the forum.

    I see you've weighed yourself and you might want to take a few measurements too.

    Have a look at the Welcome Newbies post in the pinned posts (to the right of the screen on a pc or at the bottom on a mobile); there is lots of useful information there for starting out.

    We are having daily weigh-ins every day except Sunday. I'm posting tomorrow's one, so you may want to pop along and put your weight in on there.

    Good luck on your weight loss journey and looking forward to seeing you on the forum ☘

  • Hi im a newbie and i cant seen to find the weigh in bit. I use an iphone six. Ive lost three pounds this week. Cutting out alchol and biscuits and limiting myself to chocolate. My one down fall which i cant give up is coffee. Will this slow me down. I have to admitt i drink at least six cups a day. Any advise would be great :-)

  • Don't make you initial target too ambitious. Small achievable targets give you reason to celebrate regularly as you reach them. Your ultimate goal will be the same but small victories will spur you on. I look forward to following your progress. Good luck.

  • 2lb a week is quite a big target to aim for! Please don't be too disheartened if the weight loss drops off after a while. I also find that setting a time deadline doesn't work for me - but that's a personal thing. It took me 2.5 years to lose 4.5 stone and that worked out at about half a pound a week on average. What is more important is to gradually change what you eat and your behaviour around food - one thing at a time. That way, it becomes "normal".

    For example, it may be weighing out portions of rice, pasta, potatoes. I eat 50g dried weight of rice and pasta now - whereas I once would have eaten over double that amount. Perhaps it might be trying to give up regular consumption of chocolate, or crisps, or cookies - whatever your nemesis is.... (mine was salted nuts).

    It may be that you cut down on alcohol - or just check the calories in different drinks and change your alcoholic drink of choice. Half a bottle instead of a full bottle of wine, etc.

    Of course, I don't know you, but I am sure everyone has small changes they can make to what they eat to (1) improve their health and (2) lose some of the calories.

    Most dieters fail because the weight doesn't come off quick enough for them. It's a good idea to get your head around the fact that even if you lost half a pound a week, that would be a stone in 6 months, 2 stone in a year.

    Well done for making a start and setting a target and - GOOD LUCK! :)

  • Hello, thank you for all the advice! The more the better, I know chocolate is my down fall anything in the slightest upsets me I'm eating bar after bar of chocolate... it is something I know I need to cut out. Thanks again and will keep everyone updated with journey. Xx

  • Mine too. I have started buying fun size bars so im not missing out. After eating a family bar every day!!! Just having a little bar will keep me going and stop the cravings. Good luck.

  • Welcome Chelseabee,back

    Sounds like your eating has got out of control to put 2 stones on in 3 months. I have had a similar experience due to lifes' problems etc over the same period and put back on a bout 1.5 stones after losing 3 stones last year in 7 months.

    So you and I have to get on track and take responsibility for what we consume. I have been back on course for a week and lost 3lbs so I know it works.

    If I were you I would weigh yourself first thing tomorrow and also measure your self all over and if possible take a photograph for your own viewing and to help you keep motivated on your journey.

    Check your BMI and what calorie range is recommended for you to lose weight and then start the 12 week plan which means you should be weighing everything and working out what you should be eating every day BEFORE you stick it in your mouth. Plan your meals and get rid of the rubbish foods in your kitchen.

    Become an expert on the food you should be eating and what works for you. You should never be hungry if you follow the guidelines because this is not a diet it is a change in lifestyle for you.

    Don't worry too much about exercising to begin with, once you start to lose weight and feel better all over you will know when you should start an exercise regime.

    Best of luck to you Chelsea, this will change your life - if you want it bad enough! - John

  • Thank you so much for the advise and positivity! I can see this forum really helping me with the life changes I'm going to be making... x

  • Hi kantara71

    It sounds like I've done the same as you. I've put on just over a stone in the last 4 months and am having to go back to basics - so annoying as I, too, had lost 3 stone. If I remember rightly, you also gave me a few tips when I'd started out on the 12 week plan last year?

  • Good luck! I was the same, tried all these diets then realised nothif actually worked other than a complete change of lifestyle.

    I just don't buy the things I know I struggle with. If they are not there, I cannot eat them. It has actually helped. Now treats can be treats, I don't need them everyday and I actually have something to look forward to!

    I recommend joining a site like myfitnesspal which will give you an idea of how many calories to aim for each day and yyou can Keep track of all your foods there too. It can be quite an eye opener to begin with!

    And if you feel like a wobble, talk it out. We have all been in the same situation, I am still there, but there's 4 stone less of me. Still got a few more to lose but talking does help.

  • Thanks for the advise, and wow 4 stone down!! That's amazing... how long has it taken you to do that? I downloaded my fitness pal earlier can't wait to start tomorrow zx

  • Hi Chelsbee90,

    I hit 19 stone and decided that having seen a photo of me which was taken on holiday I had to do something. That and the wheezing when doing anything strenuous, and my aching knees from carrying the excess weight!!

    My goals are based on the old WW's suggestions - 5%, then 10% of my current body weight and then the next stone in weight. Losing 10% of your body weight is a big reduction in the risk of developing diabetes apparently, so an ideal goal to start with.

    Like most people I try to avoid having too many treats in the house, that's the reason why I've piled on the weight again over the last few months. I don't cut them out completely, just opt for a smaller item or reduce the number of goodies I have a week. Once the weight starts to come off, the temptation tends to lessen anyway. Most importantly, don't beat yourself up if you do give in to temptation, just make sure you get back on the wagon carry on from where you fell off.

    Anyway, good luck with the first weigh in...

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