Canadian: dietary guidelines

Canadian: dietary guidelines

This is a bit different from the other national guidelines in as much as the recommendation for fruit and vegetables is higher (up to 10 a day if you're a man aged 19-50). Also it's quite specific e.g. eat at least one dark green and one orange vegetable each day. It also includes a recommendation for vitamin D supplements for the over 50s. The guide is very precise with regard to what constitutes a serving.

Food Guide (best for viewing)

Food Guide (best for printing)

You can find more information at:


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7 Replies

  • Thank you for your posts, it's really interesting comparing different countries guidelines. 😀

  • This is interesting, but not very generous 😕 It's almost the same as the weight loss plan I was given by the dietician which works out at 1400 calories a day 😕

    Interesting to see how detailed it is, and I believe there is a similar one produced by the UK government to supplement the eat well plate if anyone thinks a portion control plan would suit them . ☺

  • I'll hunt that out Anna61 and link it on the UK Guidelines - I thought the Canadian portions a bit mean - 75 grams of salmon is about half what I'd have as a portion!

  • Bigger portions of cheese than the UK though.

    If we only need 45 to 56g of protein per day, the smaller salmon portion makes sense.

    Don't like the look of low-fat, tinned and powdered milk though. Adding vitamin D won't help if there's too little fat for the fat soluble vitamin to function. Similarly, if insulin levels are too high the hormone will be causing miscommunication problems that hinder the bone/connective tissue remodelling process, so again adding vitamin D will be of little use.

  • Ooooh I didn't notice that ☺ maybe they need the fat to cope with all the snow? Lol ☺

  • The Eatwell Guide has superseded the Eatwell Plate.

  • Interesting with the vitamin D as my doctor has recommended my husband who has MS should take a very high dose but also said everyone over 50 should have a smaller dose too. Hence I have been taking it for the past 3 months and I must admit I feel better mood wise too.

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