Struggling ..... encouragement please

I gave myself Christmas off ..... ok. I am still giving myself Christmas off ! Lots of chocolate about and my thinking is ... eat it all up and start again.. but if I do so I'll have put even more weight in than I already have ; 10 lbs and counting ..... some of it I don't even 'want' that much ..... I just feel 'obliged' to eat it ..... just fed up with myself .... I feel so good when I'm being good can't figure out why I'm being so bad as it doesn't make me feel good .... 😞


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20 Replies

  • Sometimes you just have to get rid of it from the house - its like kryptonite! I usually give away or chuck out everything unhealthy from the kitchen if possible and refill the fridge with healthy stuff. Things can only improve then! My problem is I have the kids here - so I make sure I only have sweet things in that I don't like but they do!

  • Hi Helen, I've read through everyone's reply to me and a lot echo yours ; get it out of the house ! That's going to be my mission for today then........ all out ...... once I'm on track it can be there but at the moment as you've said , it's kryptonite ....... thanks Helen xxx

  • I understand. I've been there myself, but not this year thankfully. I am not denying myself the leftover chocs and bickies. I am counting the calories when I have them. I find it slows me down. Instead of shovelling down six Border ginger biscuits (yum), I remind myself I can have one or even two, but each one is 80 calories. I am also trying to chew longer. I saw a recent programme with Dr. VanTulleken, and chewing longer stops you wanting so much. It really works for me. Give it a try. Good luck.

  • If you're anything like me, if there's chocolate in the house then I'm going to eat it. So, if you don't want to eat it, throw it away or give it away. Then you remove the temptation.

    I recommend a book called 'Stop Overeating' by Claire McCartney which has some easy exercises that help you uncover the real reason for your eating. I found it incredibly useful - true lightbulb moments.

    And then remember that every day is a new opportunity to eat healthily and feel good for it. Draw a line under yesterday and start again today.

    Good luck - and keep posting, this forum is incredibly supportive.

  • Hello there Cavaco.... today's the day the chocolate & ice cream go to a new home ..... do you know it feels like a relief ..... odd ???? I'm sure my 25 yr old son will have something to say about the lack of goodies though ! Many thanks for the reply, support and encouragement on here from fellow strugglers, genuinely helps and I don't feel I'm on my own ..... xxx

  • Hello I can so sympathize with you, I had a lot of mince pies chocolate biscuits, crisps nuts chocolate ect pre joining this group, I went mad one morning and bagged it all up, all of it was unopened, and gave it away, nothing left in my house that will interfere with my new start, it did feel god after it was all gone, problem is now I get cravings for it lol

  • Ditto what everyone else has said. Out of sight, out of mind. Either store it in a tupperware and put at the back of the cupboard or take it to work or a care home or homeless shelter.

    But do it right now :)

  • Hello FizzyLiz, I'm de-sweetifying the house today, all out !!

  • Hi if you feel you will succumb get rid asap, now, banished forever.

    Make someone happy, a neighbour, Homeless shelter/food bank etc.

    Start afresh tomorrow.

  • You can either throw it straight in the bin (and miss out the middle man or woman even) or divide it into small calorie counted packs and freeze in individual plastic bags, and allow yourself one a week for the rest of the year!

    Just don't sit there looking at it and thinking will power will do the job because it won't! Many of us are chocolate addicts too and we all know that an addict will eventually crumble if temptation is left in full view.

  • Hi there pal ! It's the gorging that disappoints me 😔 I should have got it all out of the house the day after Boxing Day but I was too greedy ....... "my precious......" !!!! Little pig ! It's all out today ! I feel better already knowing what I'm going to do ! Much love xxxxxxxx

  • Know how you feel, Xmas is not an easy period. I actually think we need a culture change, I mean, to start with, if we care about our friends and family, we don't give them sweets and bad, sugar filled chocolates! There are healthier options! But we can only try to cope with it. Maybe try to give some chocolate and biscuits to food bank? Your body doesn't need it,but there are people struggle to feed their family

  • Hiya, yes all the supermarkets near me have a food bank and someone would be very grateful for your donation. Once it's gone you will feel relieved ! Jane makes a very good point about the culture of overeating food that's bad for us at Christmas, you tend to feel like a bah humbug if you don't join in, but pretty much all of the junk I ate this year especially at work I didn't even enjoy. We have a year to come up with a plan to be festive and sociable without a massive sugar intake! 😀

  • Exactly , in the end I was just 'gorging' ..... completely not on ..... your so right about planning for this Christmas ! We've already decided we're going out for lunch for a start ! My husband is going to go 'Fifty Shades of Red' when we get the credit card bill ! This year will be different ! Xxxx

  • You are so right my friend !! I'm a supporter of food bansks anyway, funny how miss piggy here never thought of giving it away isn't it 🙃 I'm going to do that today, as we've got the donation crate in our local Tesco two minutes away from me, thanks for the idea, much appreciated ...... xxxxx

  • You can get back up and on the waggon. Try giving the "goodies" away to friends and family or food bank. Think how pleased you will be when you see a loss on the scales and not a gain. Come on onwards and downwards.

  • Awww thanks my friend, D'you know it makes a huge difference to my mood when I read people's reply on here, honestly , it's worth it's weight in gold ..... I'm not alone .... xxxxxx

  • I always struggle to get back on track after a break too 😕 could you try to take it one day at a time? no chocolate one day, longer walk the second, then no snacks, give yourself a few days to get back on track ☺

    You can do this, you have done it before, focusing on past success really motivates ☺☺☺

  • Hi there, I like the idea of getting back on track gradually , especially as my normal routine went completely out of the window Christmas time ..... I'm going to think on this today ! Xxxx

  • Step by step Trierisme and you will get there ☺

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