Week One of 52

Hi All, just a weekly report into my weight loss and it is a weight loss today, starting at 17st and 7lbs completing on 16 st and 13lbs is a 8lb weight loss, I am quite happy with that, it is a good starting point, I have achieved one goal which is to get into the 16 stone bracket, but not quite made a stone yet!

It Is bizarre I started this diet on Sunday but thinking I would do well and actually not to start with, I finished off some Christmas treats which I told myself I wouldn't. Then I went into work on Tuesday and I explained what had happened to a work colleague and he said that he was starting a diet that day and wondered if I wanted to go into competition with him. So we are, he has to get to 10lb me 14lbs in the fastest possible time, there is also money involved - I didn't want to see him win! he was a little in front of me after the weekend, but for me this weekend the weight has continued to drop so fingers cross he caved and ate a cake!!!

I don't know how the rest of the year will fair, but I plan on doing this for the rest of the year until I reach a sensible weight beyond the competition - there are other people in the competition also, one other that will continue with me for some time.

maybe moreless or low-cal could change my badge to 7lbs?

I also have other non weight targets to achieve such as saving money and studying at college - I got 86% in my last test which is a merit - I need to get 92% in the next test to get overall grade of 90% (distinction) wish me luck in all my targets. jp.


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10 Replies

  • :-)- sounds good and a great start.

    First aim - don't go back into 17s and get that stone badge proper as it were:-)

    Well done and good luck

  • Yes, good idea thanks.

  • Hi JP, I've done as you requested and changed your badge, but it was very hard for me to do, so pleeeeeeese get back to the 1 stone loss soon , so that I can re-instate it! :)

    Great idea to have a competition, that should keep you fired up and determined! It's a shame you're weighing in on a Sunday, as that's the only day of the week that we won't be running a weigh-in thread! Not to worry, we can still support you here :)

    Wishing you all the best and pom poms waving wildly at your progress so far and your break back into the 16's! Woohoo! WTG you! :)

    Onwards and downwards! :)

  • Thanks moreless, I expect the badge to be back next week. Thanks for the Pom Poms and encouragement. All the best. Jp.

  • With a nom de plume like that you're sure to continue to great heights or should that be depths. Good luck !

  • Thanks.

  • A little competition is definitely healthy. Great that you have real world encouragement. I'll be curious to hear how that works out. There's something quite sneaky-sounding about hoping the others cave in and eat cake while you sit there stoically studying for that 92% mark. I wonder if they're munching away right now :D :D

  • I hope so!!!!

  • Fantastic start 😊 Very well done JacksonPollock 😊🎉👏😊

  • Thank you : )

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