Recipe ideas from the British Heart Foundation

Recipe ideas from the British Heart Foundation

Hope I'm ok posting this, it is a free recipe finding tool and I have found it quite useful.

These are my search settings but you can look for specific recipes for ingredients you have in.

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  • Thank you, I'll be having a good look at these, I get bored of the same food and slip dramatically of the wagon. Kat x

  • Many thanks for posting this. Good not to cook the same old recipes again. Something new helps to stick to the plan.

  • Hi Helen,

    We always love new recipe ideas, so thank you very much :)

    In order for these links not to get lost, would you mind editing your threads to "file" them in the Recipes/Meals/Snacks Topic, so that they're easy for everyone to find? :)

    Click on "Add a Topic" at the bottom of the thread, to do this.

    Thanks! :)

  • Thank you 😊 had a quick look some great recipes & I like that they give clear nutritional information which will be great for me as I'm calorie counting

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