A long journey towards healthy weight - first week review 02/01/2017-07/01/2017

Hi everyone,

Hope you're been enjoying your weekend. I've been busy, a bit tired. But with good news to report, first week weight loss: 0.9 kg:) within the sustainable range of 0.5-1kg. So what I have done right this week:

1. Drunk plenty of water, reached the target of 1.2 L in 3 days of 5. And took more soup.

2. Planed and prepared my meals every night, I have done this before, but not as organised and consistent, so now I make preparing next day's meals a priority, so I won't binge eat something unhealthy when I'm starving.

3. Made healthy tasty salad, adding 2 portions of veggie and reducing carb intake for dinner has been great. Now I've collected a few good recipes of tasty healthy salad (with thanks to some of you:), I'm more confident about boosting my veggie intake (I like my stir-fry, but tend to add too much cooking oil in it:(

Things I have struggled with:

1. Tiredness and back pain, which add on mental stress, making me want to comfort eat, but luckily I managed to divert my attention to other sources comfort, i.e. hot shower, warm tea (no sugar). And there's always chewing gum to keep myself busy.

2. Exercise, walked 2 hours in the park with my son. But other than that, driving everywhere is not helping.

3. Leftover dessert, biscuits/chocolate from friends/family. I don't really throw food out unless they're out of date, don't like to waste food, even unhealthy food (some people might need it). So had some leftover trifle before it went out of date. I'll give my biscuits to food bank next week.

For next week, my target is to

1. keep doing where I've done right (done my weekly shopping today, my 3 years old son's been great at picking healthy fruit, veggie and fish:) which gives more incentive for doing this right, for me and for him)

2. exercise more, target 150 minutes brisk walking (will plan it in my diary later on tonight).

Think I might struggle with water intake next week, because it's not always easy to remind yourself drinking when you're working away from home.

So far so good, it's only week one, but a good start!


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17 Replies

  • Well done on your first week; the forward planning you are doing is a great way to keep food intake under control.

    For your back ache, try a hot water bottle behind your back to ease muscle tightness. My daughter swears by the heated car seats she has in her latest car....sadly my car doesn't run to such luxuries! Remember too to stretch well before and after any exercise.

    Good luck for week 2!

  • Thanks for your encouragement:0) Good reminder about the hot water bottle, too! will try it now

  • Hi there I am 2 days into week 1. Still getting into new routine, new pattern of eating. Always liked and done exercise, but no longer running, got to give the joints a rest. Body now behaving badly with menopause. Coming up to my 4th year. Seat heaters, hey would be my worst enemy right now as is sugar so hoping hot flushes will tame down even more.

  • Watch out for coffee - the worst thing for hot flushes (and those whoops moments)!

    Fruit tea or water is the best way forward. Rest assured, things will improve (says me, now 61 and now thankfully able to sleep without a hot flush, once again).

    Losing weight has definitely helped too.

  • This is a really motivating post with lots of information for others starting out too. Good luck and continued success with next week. Xx

  • Thanks! Glad you took something positive from it, that's what this form is about in my opinion, to keep each other on track:) x

  • Well done you. Big pat on the back. Love the layout of your post. Are yu treating yourself to non food rewards?

  • Yes yes, got new cardigan and skin care products with my Xmas gift card:) Thank you for encouragement, we are here for each other!

  • Well done happyhealthyjane ☺ excellent weightloss ☺ and a lovely post which I'm sure will encourage others ☺

    You are creating good habits which will help you in your weight loss journey ☺

    Best wishes

  • Thank you! Think you have the key word there: habit, that's what keeps people on the track in the long run! And that's my target this year, to develop and keep new habits:)

  • Excellent target ☺

  • Well done on your first week happyhealthyjane . You are much more organised than me, I put a reminder on my phone to drink and move every hour. Could you try this with just the water drinking part?

  • Good suggestion, thank you!

  • drink water now with a frozen lemon wedge:)

  • try a couple of leaves of mint in with that. Stirred of course.

  • yes i like mint one too:) used to have mint bush in my garden, think it's dead now:(

  • drinking australian red bush tea now, and noting my daily diet and exercise(or lack of:(. Plans are useless, but planning is essential. So true, have to drop Wednesday and Thursday's exercise plan, have to add exercise to my Saturday plan, too bad it's winter now. cause I enjoy gardening, but not really a jogger

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