On no! Not the gym!

Hi, I've had 69 years of fat storing. Unfortunately it's in the wrong place, all around my belly. My diet is a healthy one, it's lack of exercise that's the problem. I have arthritic hips and fall if I try to run or step lively. I also have a sedentary mind set, so find myself on the computer or listening to the radio.

I hate everything about going to the gym, but that's probably what's needed. Can anyone prod me into actually going rather than putting it off until tomorrow?


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11 Replies

  • Oh I totally empathise, in fact I posted something alone those lines a few days ago. I hate the gym and anything related to a gym and I know myself well enough to know I won't ever commit to regularly going to any kind of exercise class. This week Aldi had keep fit equipment as their special buys so I bought an Ab Trimmer that I can use in the privacy of my own home as and when I want to, I also have an easy keep fit DVD aimed at the over 60s so that's my exercise regime apart from walking the dog!

  • lucky i enjoy the gym, but also swim which helps my ageing knees, so go to aqua class which is fun and also gets me out to meet people, I'm sure you will find something you enjoy doing to get fit. just look around your local area. good luck.

  • From what I have read, losing weight is a matter of diet rather than exercise. And what you eat is very important. Michael Moseley's wife's book "the 8 week blood sugar diet" promotes cutting out the "white stuff", refined starches and sugars, and sticking to a Mediterranean style diet, and the weight loss which occurs is mainly round the middle! I did try 5:2 fasting for a few months last year (I would never go to a gym, too boring!) Anyway on the 5:2, I only lost half a stone, but I went down at least a dress size, and lost quite a few inches off bust and waist. Something to try maybe? Good luck!

  • I agree totally. Weight loss can be achieved without any exercise at all. I am disabled and cannot exercise, use a wheelchair outside of the house.

    Of course, exercise is good for us and we should try and incorporate some exercise in our lives, but the idea that we are overweight because we cannot move isn't correct sadly. I used to believe my lack of mobility was to blame for my being overweight, but realised that although I believed my diet was healthy, my portion sizes were far too large!

    By weighing the food I was eating and keeping a log of everything that passed my lips, I soon came to realise the true reason!

  • Go for walks in the country, it's peaceful, you can think and you barely realise your exercising also it's low impact, I would highly recommend low impact for someone like yourself. Enjoy. Jp.

  • Agree with other comments that the gym isn't the only place to exercise - a brisk walk several times per week, swimming or bodyweight exercises at home can do just as well (or better). I lost weight before I started exercising, and the exercising really toned me up.

  • what about start small, taking exercise you actually enjoy a bit more, instead of going to Gym? i.e. brisk walking in the park? you can still listen to your music while doing it

  • I'm just the same as you. 67 all the fat now goes round my middle and I'm incredibly lazy. Being honest that isn't going to change. I quite like walking but I have to forced into it. Despite that I've managed to lose a stone since November. The doc told me I had fat round my organs and that spurred me on. I have been doing the Michael Mosley diet for pre diabetics ie 8 weeks eating around 800 calories low carb and low sugar. It seems to really work for me and I haven't found it too difficult. As I said I've lost a stone and have done no exercise. So it can be done.

  • So do I, going to a gym is not a priority exactly. My personal trainer said that I don't need to like it. I just need to think it is just un hour and then I'm back to normal life. If you can afford it, a personal trainer is the solution. He/She will push you and you can't avoid going to the gym when you've paid dear money for it.

  • You don't have to run, just try to walk a bit, it'll keep your hips mobile too if it's not too painful. Have you tried using a stick to help with your balance ? I use one all the time now following two knee replacements. I had them done 3 months apart which in retrospect was not a good idea but I wanted to get it over and done with. Unfortunately I started to get a rolling gait when knee one had to take more pressure than it liked to help knee two , this upset my back, using a stick corrected this. I'm over 80 and have battled weight all my life, or should I say greed /compulsion. Although I think I have a hip problem starting, it does not hurt me to walk and I can manage @ a mile on a good day though going uphill I have to stop several times to get my breath back, ( worse since Christmas of course ) Gyms are expensive over rated places when you could be out enjoying the fresh air or at the moment, fog. Give it a go and good luck. I read somewhere ' tomorrow and tomorrow you always cry, in what fair land does this tomorrow lie ?' Don't put it off, you'll feel such a sense of achievement when you start to see an improvement.

  • No, I won't prod you Applebelly It sounds to me as if you dislike the gym, so why put yourself through something you dislike? That will almost certainly result in disinterest, being disheartened, and failure.

    I admit to being on my hobby horse here - I love the gym, but do not think that people should think that the only way to be fitter is by going to the gym. I appreciate that you have hip problems so have limitations on exercise, but if you look for ideas for exercise, this will cover everything from archery to zumba, through yoga, pilates, bowls, walking football, horse riding ........... Hopefully you see my point. The gym really is not the only way to improve your midriff. :) I would honestly recommend finding a form of exercise that you enjoy and will want to go and do regularly - life is way too short to spend in the gym unless you are a nutty MissisB who enjoys it. :)

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