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It's strange. I've had a lifetime of battling with my weight and body image issues and an addiction to binging. My weight has oscillated between being underweight (not that often!) to "healthy" and up to severely obese...and then back down again...and then back up again!! When I am on a healthy diet (either weightwatchers or this one) I am completely committed & my urge to binge pretty much disappears, but then something happens (who can explain why or how). I get to a healthy weight and suddenly I can't stop eating & as much as people around me try to help I just keep eating my way to unhappiness. It's been around 7 years since my last healthy eating phase and during that time I've tried and tried but not managed to get control.

Then...boom! Suddenly it's easy again. I've only had 5 days of healthy eating but I know I've turned the corner and I'm "on it". I feel excited and confident that I will lose a good amount of weight over the coming months...but I would love to understand why it goes wrong for me so I can avoid falling back into the negative cycle of over eating.

Has anyone yoyo dieted & successfully kept weight off for long periods? The only people I've ever met who are successful seem to be weight watchers leaders (i.e. People who make weight control their life)


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7 Replies

  • Could it be your subconscious control overriding your conscious control to rectify a deficiency in your 'healthy diet'?

  • The wisdom on the subject - is that we don't really commit to the lifestyle change permanently- -and just go back to old ways when desired weight reached.

    The other bit of wisdom - is we don't invest enough mental power into working out 'why' we want to lose weight so then lose motivation.

    These are my two current ponderings.

    I am sure others will have other observations and success at keeping it off

    Good luck

  • I wonder if some kind of counselling might help you explore your hidden motives for sabotaging your successes? Your doctor should be able to refer you to a counsellor, although I don't know what the waiting lists are like. Alternatively you could find a counsellor yourself, one who is accredited. Prices vary but it might be worth it to sort yourself out. 😊

  • It could be you are losing the weight too fast, unfortunately I don't listen to my own advice.

  • Sometimes weight control is linked to your emotional state. I lost a lot of weight when expecting my first child but gained it slowly back again after the birth of my 2nd child. Some years later, I lost it again following my divorce (Lost 3 stones) and kept it off for a few years but again slowly put it back on whilst setting up a new business and living with relatives (quite a stressful time). Have now lost 3 stones again, and maintaining, (although I should really carry on and lose a further stone). However, when I look back, my weight control appears to reflect the stress levels in my life. Both of my children have struggled with their weight, and again have both been through some tough times in recent years, so the pattern repeats.

  • I wrote a post on emotional eating. To a certain extent I could related to you. I have friends who are recovering alcoholic. I've been to their open meetings and got some inspiration. I think for some people, if not a lot of people, including myself, losing weight is one thing, but keep the weight off requires life style change, which means forever you'll have to keep yourself in the community. To me it's not a bad thing, rather a good thing, cause just like alcohol abuse, overeating has so much to do with one's mental status.

  • Absolutely yes Jet117 ☺ ☺☺ And its about mindset, our brains really are our most powerful ally.

    I reached rock bottom after a lifetime of yoyo dieting, and made the decision that any changes had to be permanent. I found a way of eating that suits me and that I can follow permanently ☺ I've had a few 'bumps in the road' but fear of returning to that horrid black place makes me always get back on the wagon. I am absolutely NOT on a diet, but choosing to eat properly, in the right quantities for my small frame ☺ A year and a half and still here. ☺

    I've learnt a few tricks along the way, I've read loads on the psychology of overeating, and have taken time to create good eating and lifestyle habits. I also have excellent support from friends and family as well as this forum. I enjoy the 'process' which is invaluable for life long success.

    Have some faith in yourself, some self belief, tell yourself THIS TIME it's permanent ☺ You can do it ☺

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