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Day three no chocolate!

After the overwhelming support I had off my last post I can happily say I've got three days without chocolate and started eating properly! Making home cooked meals and the partner loves it his comment was I didn't know you could cook 😂😂 the family are enjoying the meals to so I'm not doing it on my own! Thanks everyone I'll let you know what my weight is next week 😘😘

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Well done, I really should follow your example! What sort of meals are you cooking? Maybe you can give me a few ideas x


Thank you hun! also for my sweet tooth Ive been eating rivetas seeds and berries that have been a really God send! I've been doing lots of stir fool frys and oven baked chicken breast made chicken nuggets for the kids today and they loved it xx

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well done, keep up the brilliant work you are doing.


Well done on resisting the chocolate! My way of dealing with a chocolate urge is to have a mug of hot chocolate - less calories but quite comforting.

Suggestions for a family meal....

Pasta Bake; fry up a chopped onion, add mince and brown, stir in a can of ratatouille and a can of bolognese sauce, add to some cooked pasta (I like the penne tubes) but weigh them first so you know how many calories you are eating. Bake in the oven with a little grated cheese on top for 10 mins or so - serve with large helping of broccoli or green salad + tomatoes to fill up the plate.

Baked Salmon: cut a lemon into slices and arrange 2 or 3 on top of a portion of salmon, sprinkle with black pepper and bake in the oven for 10 or 15 mins, serve with plenty of green veg and few new potatoes or some cous-cous.

Chicken Curry; Soak some small chicken pieces in lemon juice and Chinese 5-spice & salt and pepper for about an hour, then stir-fry in a pan, add some philadelphia cheese and a little natural yogurt, and a tspn of curry powder (adjust to taste) and serve with some boiled rice (or use a microwave bag for speed).

You can use the myfitnesspal app or nutracheck to count the calories as you go. Let us know how you get on!


Wow that all sounds great, well done... It's great your managing to cook...I find it quite therapeutic at times and cheaper too. Resisting chocolate is amazing...I struggle with that so sometimes I tell myself I can have one piece a week .


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