Things must be getting serious if it's made its way into the Financial Times :-D

Let's be clear; a healthy diet must provide everything the body needs, it's just the proportions of what we've been told is a balanced way of eating are wrong. That's because the food groups we've been told of are man-made and minimise a food group (something we have also been warned to guard against); natural fat.

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  • Sorry, just realised the link asks you to subscribe.

  • I hope they put natural in bold :)

  • How do you do that?

  • Sorry, Concerned I meant I hope they emphasized natural fats rather than junk food fat - these messages about food are so often over simplified. Have you seen the stats for US eating habits in relation to the guidelines? Oh la la....

  • Ctrl+b :)

  • Ta

  • I'm sorry not to be able to read that, Concerned, but I don't need to subscribe to the Financial Times to have my own beliefs confirmed :)

  • They discussed this briefly on the news this morning - even they said loads of fad diets in the papers / advertising etc this time of year along with exercise equiptment and diets are really just about watching what you eat / portion sizes / eating healthy etc

    Not read the article myself - comments above were the news readers comments, however, I have to agree

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