Well here's a thing

So today I did the shopping and dispite current advice I shopped on an empty stomach as I'm still doing the 16:8 eating p!an. But a funny thing happened as I entered Aldi, I went straight to the fruit and veg and started excitingly collecting veg in all shapes sizes and colour!!! This from a woman who's trolley is usually packed with gin tonic, carb laden foods........ What on earth has happened to me..... Seriously I was beside myself..... After my 54 years on this earth has the penny finally dropped !!!!!! ???? Made chicken with 5 veg for tea and couldn't eat it all..... Carb free. Can't wait for Mondays weigh in, love to all.



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  • That's brilliant! It shows a habit is setting in. I am doing paleo so never eat pasta, bread, carbs which has been a total change for me from eating mainly processed stuff.

    How are you getting on with 16:8. On the t.v the other day they suggested you could eat what you like as long as it is within the hours but surely that can't be right - I could eat a serious amount of junk in 8 hours!

    I am really happy for you that you feel your diet is working out. Keep it up!

  • Well here's the other thing, I decided to ditch the carbs also as they make me crave food. So I'm eating well but veg and protein, and home made soup for lunch. I've also stopped drinking coffee not intentionally, but have switched to fruit tea which I am really enjoying. I'm also increasing my activity levels with more walking, and am doing dry january , so you could say I'm hitting it head on. X

  • You're doing really well. Do you recommend the 16:8 thing?

    I went swimming straight from work and it was a good way to destress as well as exercise. I am going to try it again at that time as later in the evening it gets too busy.

  • I eat what ever I want between 12pm and 8pm and 16/8 still works for me. In the beginning I would eat a lot, even sweets and still maintained. However, while fasting the body has time to take care of itself, so the more my system reset the stronger I reacted to foods that are bad for me. In early November I started my sweetsober challenge, dropped two kilos and then maintained again even though I would sometimes eat a whole bag of nuts to help with cravings. Since then, my body and mind have stopped craving food for any other reason than fuel, so now I actually eat a lot less than I have before but it came about naturally. Even over the Christmas period when I allowed myself everything, even sweets, I maintained my weight steadily.

    16/8 in combination with practicing happiness everyday via the Happiness Challenge, has rewired my brain completely and I have shed not only weight but my food demons of many years past.

    If you want to try 16/8 or any other type of fasting, I would suggest to speak to a healthcare professional if you have any medical concerns or take medications. Then I would look at your relationship with breakfast - do you need breakfast to function well? Could you fast from afternoon to morning instead?

    With me breakfast never satisfied me for long and no matter what I tried I always ended up snacking mid-morning, sometimes as soon as one hour after breakfast. By early afternoon I had eaten so much food that my blood sugar crashed and all I wanted to do was take a nap. No blood left for my brain as all energy was going into my digestive tract. Now, I have boundless energy all day :)

  • It seems to work for me. I know we have been brought up that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but my problem is once I start eating I could eat all day. So I eat my tea about 6pm then try to abstain. But I do have carrot sticks and humous if I really need it. But after eight nothing until 12 the following day for lunch. It seems to give your system a rest and has definatly helped my IBS.

  • I am exactly the same Amanda (or I was since my relationship with food is changing so drastically!) and once I start eating I like to keep going until "curfew". 16/8 works really well for me because even though I eat a lot between 12pm and 8pm, I do not eat more than I would if I had had food between breakfast and lunch. In fact I started 16/8 because I could never find a breakfast that would actually satisfy my until lunchtime. I'd always need snacks in between and my blood sugar was suffering. Now I easily abstain from food in the mornings and then really enjoy my food until 8pm. Really pleased with this way of eating :)

  • Life is an education, Amanda.

    Although you may consider it so, it hasn't taken years for the 'penny to drop'. You already knew the kind of food that ought to enter the trolley, you're simply more switched on, since what you've read and researched makes perfect sense.

    Despite improving the quality of their fruit and veg produce in recent years, I have to agree that you're still guaranteed to find a far greater array of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes, compared to other mainstream supermarkets, even if it doesn't stay as fresh for as long (my only complaint about an otherwise superb retailer).

  • Well done you! I was on the 16:8 plan a couple of years ago and it worked a treat. I found it best to eat at about 6pm (main meal), then a cup-a-soup or similar about 1pm. That way, I was going about 19 hours. Friends were doing it the other way, by having breakfast and then eating again at about 6pm. As I'm not a breakfast lover (lot of discussion now on whether this is a good or bad idea), I didn't crave food at that time. Roundabout eleven or twelve, I started to get the hunger pains.

    Having said all this, I am now over a stone heavier than then and cannot for the life of me get back into a dietary mode. Christmas has paid havoc to my waistline. I keep trying to get started, but then lapse when I see the food and drink that needs eating and drinking up! Not a good way to feel.

    I think that by joining this group, I perhaps mean business this time??!! I live in hopes.

    Good luck to all.

  • Fantastic! My dry January has also led to no coffee. Didn't even realise I hadn't had any till someone else noticed ! We also had a load of veg with chicken last night, delishhhh!!

  • that's great news that things are going well and you a choosing healthy options now automatically. well done you x

  • Heeheee😆😆😆 good for you! Go for it ☺

  • thank you folks of course my daily dose of positivity on here is really helping too. Keep it up every one xxx

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