Competition to Design our Welcome Heading

Competition to Design our Welcome Heading

We would like to update our Header for our Newbies Welcome & Introduction post and thought it would be a splendid idea to ask if there is anyone artistic in the community who has a passion for design and might like to give us something suitable to use. A photo, drawing or piece of artwork would be great. We can then ask people to vote for their favourite and use it.

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13 Replies

  • Now that would be good miopus our very own welcome logo...must be loads of artistic talent on this site.

  • I never knew we were closet "revampers" did you ? I think I've watched too much of that "Design Challenge" programme on T.V.

  • What a fantastic idea, miopus!!! :)

    We have many extremely talented and creative members! I can't wait to see what everyone will come up with!

    I shall pin this post, so that entry links can be included in it :)

    Maybe you'd like to change the title to make it an obvious challenge/competition? :)

  • Love it! That would be a great challenge! :-)

  • I like the original heading, it makes it clear what the competition is about 😁

  • Not quite sure if you mean the one above or the original one on Moreless's Newbie post which she is just updating a bit to include the new style weigh in information and editing out really old stuff?

  • I was trying to say i preferred the way you worded the competition to design our welcome site

  • Think the one you have posted up is pretty good....

  • My artistic abilities are poor to non-existent, but love the idea of encouraging people to contribute.

    Loving the "Welcome" above too -all bright and cheerful - and welcoming. 🙂

  • Can't draw to save my life, but have an idea that may be useful. What about a drawing of an overweight body diminishing to a correctly weighted body (like Take That's Progress CD)...xx

  • A very good idea if someone could do that !!

  • I am useless with art but I know Cutecuddlykelly is very good with art so I will speak to her as she only joined us yesterday and don't understand the site yet. She is not that great with computers but she might be able to create something at home and take a picture of it. Then add it to this site that way which might help us if it comes out ok. If she can't do the overweight and correct weighted person she might think of something else. Hope she can!

  • That would be absolutely marvellous if you could persuade her to do something ! Thank you so much !!!

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