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Hi everyone, started a diet on Wednesday. Need to lose 35 kg!! Yikes.

Had a huge shock sorting out wardrobe. Found belt I wore when 19 and one I wear today, gosh horrendous and inspiring picture. Have started a club at work and so far I have 12 people on board.

Have weighed those wishing to get involved including me. We all pay £2 a week into kitty. Weigh each week and at end of four weeks person who has lost most body percentage weight wins the money! Great incentive as its almost £100!

Going to try so hard. I am coeliac with dairy intolerance so not going to be easy but must be done. Any tips welcome.

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Hello aclenujune and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum ☺

Have a good look around the site and ask if you have any questions ☺ A few changes and updates are planned for the next few weeks so please bear with us ☺

I have a friend who is gluten and dairy free, it's a bit tricky isn't it? Especially as many of the ready made products are full of sugar 😕 I found some good GF recipes on the Vegan Society page.

Great idea about the club at work, great motivator! ☺

Best wishes



Thank you Anna for the welcome. Yes going to probably have 2 prizes at work as kitty stands at £110 so will keep people motivated if more than one winner. Thanks for tips on recipes. I have such a sweet tooth and am missing my daily chocolate already.

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Have you signed up for the 12 week plan? It's a calorie counted plan and nothing is banned 😊 Weekly emails and lots of advice 😊


Yes, forgot to print off Though! Cheers


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