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Hi - my new year resolution has kicked in

I've been following this site for a few days while munching my way through the Xmas cakes, chocs and biscuits. They are now all gone and I'm ready to start my journey to a healthier and happier me for 2017.

I joined my local Slimming World club last night - hope that's note frowned upon here - but I know I will need a bit more 'touch-freely' support and encouragement that you can't get on t'internet. And I don't own any scales, so will get my weekly weigh in there. I've sat this morning and planned my meals for the week (difficult when all I really want to do is scoff some chocolate biscuits which I don't have). I will be off to the shops soon to buy the ingredients and nothing else!!! Except for a cookbook if I see one.

I did join my local gym last summer and went regularly up until November time, so I need to get back there. I was going at least 3 times a week and there is no reason why I can't go back to this.

So my journey has begun and I'm looking forward to joining this community and conversing with all you good people from time to time.

I want to see less of me x

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Hello and welcome to the forum WannaCLessOfMe

Have a good look around the site and ask if you have any questions ☺ Also few changes and updates are planned for the next few weeks so please bear with us ☺

It doesn't matter how you lose weight btw! Please come on regularly and let us know how you get on ☺

Best wishes


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Thanx Anna x


Sounds like a good plan, enjoy your new start😀



Sounds like a plan good luck with it all.


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