Happy, happy girlie!

Happy, happy girlie!

Yay! I weigh in on a Friday and pleased to report a 3.8lb loss this week! That goes some way to undoing the damage that was Christmas and a 2 week holiday in Tenerife at the start of December.

I have been losing weight since 2012 - not a straight forward weight loss journey as life and life events sometimes get in the way. In October 2016 I started to follow the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet, and that seemed to really suit me, as I managed to lose 13lbs in 7 weeks. Thank goodness for that loss, otherwise I'd have been about 2 stone heavier after Christmas, instead of 11lbs!

The Blood Sugar won't be for everyone as you limit calories to 800 a day for 8 weeks, and cut out bread, grains (anything with wheatflour), potatoes, rice and pasta. However, I feel really good on it, and believe me when I say I have tried all sorts of ways to get rid of my weight over my lifetime (I am now 54!)

So here's to a happy weight loss this week (whatever day you weigh in) and hope that you are all as happy as I when you step off the scales!


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7 Replies

  • Well done you! I have only started yesterday but hopefully this time next week I can report success!

  • Here's wishing you plenty of strength and determination.

    Remember, even a small loss is a step in the right direction. My weight loss worked out at an average of only half a pound a week - although sometimes more and other times I gained! I am afraid that I put on at least half a stone when I am on holiday, as I am less strict with myself. I don't go crazy, but at home I weigh and measure and log all of my food (yes, even after 4.5 years - I still have to!) I am also less active on holiday as at home I do housework, etc. On holiday someone else brings the food and washes up :-) I like to lay in the sun and relax!!! Haa haa

  • Yes I love to relax, eat and drink, but you are right the trick is to keep track at other times. You are an inspiration!

  • Well done Pineapple27 ☺ you look fabulous ☺

    If you are interested there will hopefully be regular Friday weigh in sessions starting next week ☺

  • Yes, I'd prefer a Friday WI as this is the day I've always done it! Good start to the weekend!

  • Well done, you can really see the difference and you look well so whatever you are doing it is obviously suiting you!

  • Thank you. Yes, I feel like a different person - physically and emotionally. Mind you, I got a lovely new husband some time in the middle - he's very supportive of my weight loss and efforts to exercise - even though he's not got a weight issue!

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