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Well this is going to be the year I lose weight again , no matter how hard it is. I have an underactive thyroid, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis. Worked hard all my life and never smoked and rarely drank . Done all the 'good things' they tell you to do to stay fit and healthy.and here I am 12 stone 5llbs..tired and no energy most days . My knees are the to help them along....I try to eat healthy I'm not a microwave convenience person.. but I come across readings that say eat your greens.. then don't eat them with an underactive thyroid.. what to do !!. I used to run...can't now. Pounding the streets has destroyed my knees .so I'm gonna start all over again.healthy diet healthy mind. ..good luck to all x


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  • Hi and welcome, 123trisha :)

    I'm sorry to hear that things are so tough for you. There is a Thyroid UK community here, that may be able to help you too :)

    Go to the Pinned Posts section to the right of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile) and take a look at the Welcome Newbie thread. If you have any questions, look at the Topics below, to see if they'll help you out, or ask on the forum :)

    We are currently revamping our weigh-in's, so lookout for an update on that, or join in with the discussions on how best to move forward. It's always a good idea to be active on the forum, as that's where we glean our information, inspiration and motivation.

    Download the 12 week plan, if that's something that appeals to you and don't forget to take initial measurements and photos, as it's a great way of seeing just how far you've come, especially when the scales aren't co-operating fully :)

    Wishing you all the very best with your weight loss journey :)

  • Welcome to the forum ,Trisha. Great advice there from moreless. Good luck.

  • Dr Ron Rosedale believes all of these ailments are related to miscommunication of hormones. Your body is making too much insulin and insulin-like growth factor which confuses the remodelling of your bones and connective tissues.

    If you've followed a 'low-fat' diet to stay fit and healthy, that would explain it. Our bodies use twice as much energy in the form of fat compared to carbohydrate. Eating low-fat results in eating too much carbohydrate, which often results in over-stimulating the aforementioned hormones, particularly too much fructose and too many high-glycaemic carbs such as rice, potatoes, parsnips, pumpkin, melons, broad beans, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, cous cous, bread and of course sugar (also anomalies such as baked beans or fruit yoghurt).

    It might be shutting the stable door, but did you used to run too far too often? The first thing the body has to do following activity is recover, and if you exercise intensely enough to stimulate an adaptive response, it usually takes a minimum of 24.2 hours for recovery and growth to occur.

    Doing resistance exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joints is an excellent preventative measure too.

  • Wow I'm loving all really interests me that you all know so much...I've tried to read and listen to everything and take it all in...I just worry that I'm slowing down....I've always been an active woman.....slowing down was never on my head and heart tell me to keep body says no no girl and my strength is zapped.. I didn't start to run till 10 years ago...every other between my 12 hrs shifts in a nursing home...and at gym...did I go from doing nothing ( if looking after a family can be called that!) To trying too overactive thyroid first then this underactive which I can't get my head round...anyway it's been great to read your replies....I'm off to do my exercises...1kg weights to put round my ankles...I'm shake when I do them...I guess it will get easier..but physio says it will strengthen my legs to help knees....the body is a wonderful don't realise till things start to go to you all...and keep up the good work. X

  • Great to hear you sounding so positive 123trisha

    I guess what I have learnt is its never to late to improve our health and fitness ☺ I have arthritis and under active thyroid and like you ran a house, 3 children and worked. All that stopped and I added another stone to the extra couple I already had 😕 Eeeek!

    18 months on I'm almost 3 stone down with one to go. It's not been easy, (Hysterectomy last August caught me unawares) but the benefits are amazing ☺ I feel energetic, healthy and 10 years younger. I exercise daily, (a mixture of things) and feel very proud of my aging worn out body!!! ☺☺☺

    Welcome to the Forum, I look forward to hearing more from you ☺

  • Thankyou Anna 61.. my first long walk in a while yesterday...1 1/2 hrs... dragged my sister along...she needed a nudge too...always a bit easier when you have someone to talk's great you have lost all that weight.. I'm hoping I'll be successful. No! I will be successful... my plan is 7llbs and then keeping it off..and then another...I'm not gonna rush it...take my time...I've hid my scales and will weigh myself once a month..that's my plan is the hard thing...trying to fit in meal times..and I know I don't drink enough..but I'm gonna work harder on my days off..and keep off the couch and TV....right a well deserved cup of tea awIts me....then it's all actions go...have a good day... x

  • That was my plan, lose 5% but keep it off, then 10% and so on, keeping it off is always the main priority to get out of the lose/gain cycle ☺

    Your walk sounds fab ☺ Well done ☺

    Have you seen the post about weekly weigh-in threads? We get weighed at home then post on here for encouragement and support ☺ You don't need to post every week.

    Have a good weekend ☺

  • I will have a look...that's good to know..thanx for your help. X

  • If your thyroid went overactive to underactive without medical intervention, then there is a good chance it was an autoimmune issue. I have hashimotos and my thyroid is all over the place when it's attacking me. I was thinking about cutting out certain greens like you, but then someone told me that the properties in them that are harmful to the thyroid (forget the name!) is quite negligible anyway as long as you aren't eating them in high amounts.

    What seems to help me is a vitamin d spray and a selenium supplement. I really need to watch my exercise, if I try to build up too quickly, I can get quite ill

  • Hello lismcl...I must have read article after article about my condition...I get so confused about some of the things I read...some conflicts the other...I'm feeling at my worst ( health wise). But looking forward to the nice weather.. when I always seem to feel a lot better..I've a lovely Dr who does her utmost to lead me in the right direction...has done most blood tests...I'm not one who visits the Dr much unless I have grave concerns about something...but I just feel so unhappy at times when I'm proactive about most things but my condition stumps me into what to do for the best...that's why I've loved this forum since I've found it...I read posts and think wow...that's a mirror version of myself....but you know I'll keep plodding on.....oh before I forget I was being treated for an overactive thyroid before it became underactive....and I have all conditions my mother has...except her diabetes...please God don't give me that next....but our lives have been so hereditary maybe? But thanx for the reply...hope you're feeling good today....x

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