Party panic!

I'm going to a twelfth night party tonight. On request I'm taking cake which I have to make this morning. Although I'm not doing dry January, I'm attempting damp January! I know I'm only in my first week, but I'm happy with what I've done so far - how do I navigate the party thing without being a diet bore? I don't want to be a martyr about it, I'm not ready for other people's opinions, so I don't want to discuss food / diets while I'm there...I can't see how I'm going to do this without falling off the food wagon and just eating as normal (massively!)



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7 Replies

  • Im hosting a 12th night party tomorrow night. It will be OK. Im going to make party nibbles that include things I can eat without worrying too much like chunks of watermelon, popcorn and humus with veg. I dont plan to discuss my diet either! And I wont hang out near the cake. Get some dancing in if you can! Parties are hard, but you can do it! I also weigh myself beforehand as a reminder of what Ive lost and how much I dont want to sabotage myself. Could you offer to drive, then you have a clear simple reason not to drink? Good luck - and enjoy your weekend!

  • Thanks for the encouragement. We're staying the night so I have breakfast to deal with too. It does help to be able to speak about it here!

  • It really does! And its been a very common theme of the Christmas postings too, so there's loads of ideas knocking around. Good to feel that its a shared problem! Definitely harder if you're staying the night though. What about suggesting a walk in the morning to blow away the cobwebs?

  • Good thinking. They have a dog, I'm sure I can join in!

  • Just be careful throughout the day calorie wise and I am sure there will be some more healthy choices amongst the bad ones. Everyone will probably be too busy chatting etc to notice what you are having and will there be dancing? Some calories to off load if there is.

    Just have a fab time compensate by having a good walk or exercise over the weekend and someone cooking breakfast for me oh I am so jealous. Have a good time, just don't go crazy food wise as next week you will be back to normal enjoy the party and being catered for. You made me laugh, damp January, hope you can stick to that one lol. Enjoy!

  • Working on the basis that I'll feel I've failed if I think I should be totally dry and succumb, if I'm cutting down, I can feel I've won each time I only have a half instead of a pint! I may be fooling myself but it made sense when I thought of it!

  • Well...I did go over my limit, but I didn't eat as much as I would have done before. I'm counting that as a success. My fitness pal says if every day was like yesterday, I wouldn't lose or gain anything. I'm ok with that as I was sure if I ate like that every day I'd be gaining left, right and (mainly) bottom!

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