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Things are going good so far... Loving the different food.


The first few days are going well. I'm calorie counting. I've stuck to my limit of 1400 kcals a day - just about.

I made my children their usual meatballs and pasta but i opted for the meat free version by having same sauce but adding mushrooms and peppers. Plus I tried 'courgetti' for the first time. I must say i was impressed.

My original plan was to avoid meat altogether but I have decided to seriously cut down on it, I've stopped drinking alcohol (I used to drink a lot, almost everyday) and upped my water intake dramatically. I'm enjoying trying different recipes as i love cooking and expanding my cooking repertoire. I don't like chocolate or sweets but i do love butter, cheese, bread and other carbs - and i mean love them!! I have been strong and avoided these things so far.

Tomorrow I'm going to plan and start my aerobic and strength exercises while my family is out, so determined to lose the weight.

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It's always good to have a plan. Good luck with your exercises tomorrow. I look forward to reading about your progress.

amieh in reply to Eh15

Thank you Eh15 x

Glad to hear that you've had a great start to the week, while enjoying new additions to your diet, filling you with the confidence to continue.

Be sure to enjoy exercising tomorrow, while remembering that any stiffness encountered afterwards is only temporary and becomes less severe once the muscles accustom themselves.

amieh in reply to MrNiceGuy

It might sound silly but I am looking forward to the ache! Then I know within myself that I have been doing what I am supposed to.

MrNiceGuy in reply to amieh

It's not silly at all, aimeh. Aching is good, as it fills you with a sense of weary satisfaction in the hours afterwards.

Claz1 stone

good to hear your staying strong and sticking to your plan.. hope u have a good day today x

MotwCoop1 stone

Don't forget the healthy eating is good for the kids too! Did they try the courgettini?

amieh in reply to MotwCoop

No they didn't try the courgettes, unfortunately, but in my meatball sauce i include, 1 and a half tins plum tomatoes, garlic, large onion and mushrooms. Plus i did a cheeky cucumber salad on the side for them. Also fruit for afters... They're quite good with eating vegetables and fruit. I used to buy a pack of 30 crisps every week for them to share but i don't anymore. It's lightly seasoned popcorn for their lunches now and a pack of crisps if they're lucky!

MotwCoop1 stone in reply to amieh

Oh well done! I used to sneak veg into everything. Fortunately my daughter is now a slim twenty year old with a love of both cooking and exercise. I'm not entirely sure how that happened - now if I can just join her...

That's brilliant it sounds as if you are really motivated

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