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Hey guys, I really need to lose some weight, borderline diabetes and its not eating its the drugs that I am currently on (Prescription) that puts weight on me, am looking for a gym bud if you are local, please get back to me as my confidence going on my own is down at the moment.. hope someone is local...

Happy new year and all the best for 2017...


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Happy new year to you too and welcome to the forum. Afraid I can't help re gym but lots of members on the forum are diabetic or borderline and many of them use the NHS 12 week plan which seems to be very successful. I would however still brave the gym. Why not start with a swim till you feel more comfortable. I know it's daunting but I have a young friend, 20+stone who plucked up the courage to go and very soon as he got to know trainers and other members was as happy as a lark in spite of his size. Good luck👍

PS. I noticed you did not say what part of the country you wanted the gym buddy in.


There are some fantastic videos on you tub that can help you..honestly.its worth taking a peak..good luck..


you tube..lol..sorry..


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