So far so good

Wow, can't believe it I managed to walk 7.46 miles with the walking group today. My furthest so far with a group. I'm feeling inspired. The lack of carbs doesn't seem to be affecting my energy level and I'm eating well within the 8 hour window. Can't wait to get on the scales on Monday as I can see the weight loss off my face already. Already planning my next walk, feeling invigorated, dry January is going well also and fruit tea is hitting the mark for my sweet urges, though I have to say these are much reduced. I also appear to have stopped drinking coffee, so my caffeine intake must be greatly reduced.

Hope you are all well, Amanda.


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7 Replies

  • That's great, and a very long walk! I'm also enjoying the fruit teas, sleeping better for doing Dry January too. My brain is a bit foggy this week, but I put that down to no alcohol, and also, weirdly, I've given up coffee too! I wonder if there's a link. Am back at work after a sloth-like break. Up and down stairs all day, and the heat press is waking up my arm muscles too!

  • Holey Moley ! Well done, that's a heck of a walk.

    Inspiring post. Thanks for sharing.


  • Fantastic. Well done Amanda.

    I had health problems and my doctor advised me to eat fresh, healthy, minimally processed food and drink natural Tibetan herbs for slimming before each main meal to boost my metabolism. It's been 2 months now and I've lost 16lbs so far and going to the gym next week and hope I won't chicken out :)

  • Beautiful day for a walk, too. 😊

  • Well done , great mileage , enjoy the next one

  • Good for you - a great start to January!

  • Great news! Very well done Amanda001

    You are creating excellent habits

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