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Help me please!


20, student and in need of losing at least 2 stone by May. Any idea's on what I can do to help aid this process?

I'm a Musical Theatre student and have 4 1/2 hours per week of dance but I feel I need more.

I'm poor - because I'm a student lol, so the gym isn't really an option.

I horse ride, only once weekly though.

If anyone has any valuable, please help!

Kirstie x

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Another student here! :)

Are there any dance societies at your college/uni that you can join? I've heard pole fitness is a fun workout XD

kirstieloux in reply to housre

I'd love to join a pole class, where I'm living there isn't one in walking distance which is pretty disappointing :(

housre in reply to kirstieloux

Hmm, that sucks. You sound pretty fit (compared to me) maybe do circuits at home on an exercise mat? Someone has recommended resistance training to me :)

Also what is your current calorific intake/plan? :)

kirstieloux in reply to housre

My asthma really sets me back to be honest :(

I'd prefer to get out of the house to do exerice even if I do look pretty embarrassing aha!

& currently nothing. Once student fiance comes in on the 16th Jan I'll be joining slimming world on a 12 week plan!

Calorie intake really depends whats in the fridge but 90% of the time its under 1,500 a day. :-)

housre in reply to kirstieloux

I was thinking about joining them, the 12 week plan looks quite good!

If you have asthma then it sounds like activities that won't trigger it might be best for you. Is your asthma exercise induced?

I know it's winter but if you really want to do exercise outside then you can go to your local park and work out there. My friend used to do pull ups and stuff on anything he could find :)

If its 1500 a day then you should make good progress with the exercise :)

kirstieloux in reply to housre

If you join before the 21st Jan its £49.50 which works out nicely to be honest!

& sometimes, if its lots of cardio based dancing (for example jazz) then it can get quite bad although its gotten better over time.

I need to find a park near me that has the work out machines there.

There's plenty in the Midlands, but not many here in Sussex lol

TrimmerteacherHost in reply to kirstieloux

The NHS 12 week plan is FREE! just a reminder, although I know how helpful it can be to have the discipline of being weighed weekly.


Hello kirstieloux ☺ welcome to the weight loss forum ☺ you must be fit with all that dance ☺ sounds great fun.

If you are gaining weight though, it's most likely you need to eat less or differently as well ☺ Rather thsn pay for Slimming World why don't you have a look at the NHS 12 week plan? It's free and you get weekly emails full of advice and helpful tips ☺ £49.50 is a lot of money on a student budget.

Have a good look around the forum, especially the pinned posts (on the right hand side of the screen or right at the bottom if you are on a phone) and please ask if you have any questions ☺

Best wishes


Sorry, I have just repeated this info. Should have read all the other posts first!

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Trimmerteacher

Better two replies than none 😊😊😊

I've thought about it deeply and had talks with other SW members, I think the £49.50 will make me want to do it more as I've invested into it. As my uni tutor always tell me 'you only get out what you put in.' ☺️ x

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to kirstieloux

Very good quote ☺ Good luck!


I really do believe brisk walking is the best thing you can do for exercise and it is free! You can build it up gradually and then try covering the same distance in a given time. Two stone by May is a big ask though and it is best to lose weight gradually, so be careful that you are not wanting to lose too quickly. When I was young I was in a hillwalking club and I never had a problem with weight, as it burns off so many calories, so you might want to try that. Great company too! I see you mentioned asthma and I know there were people in the club who carried inhalers but you would maybe have to check that out with your G.P

Good luck and stay positive!

I really want to go hill walking! I live in Sussex just out of the downs so it would be pretty easy to do! Thanks! X

TrimmerteacherHost in reply to kirstieloux

Ooh Sussex, my home county. Love it 😍 but I also love my adopted home of Yorkshire. Get out there on the South Downs Kirstieloux! 👍

I'm in Chichester, so there's plenty of places to go :-)

Great I am sure you will love it. I hill walked all my life until about 5 years ago when my husband was ill. (He is fine now) I am 61 now and I have piled on about a stone and a half since then. However we are determined to build up our walking again and are starting out on the flat walks. We live in Scotland and love being outdoors. We have made many friends through the walking groups so it would be worthwhile joining one. I started out in the university hillwalking club when I was eighteen. Again, it is best to start small and build it up. Best of luck to you!

I'm going to have to look into it! It sounds great, its fun as you get to see beautiful views around here!

I'm going to enquire!

Brilliant! Let me know how you get on!

Diet is extremely important. Restrict sugar in take and increase protein. Run or jog for an hour each week minimum.

I struggle with any kind of jogging is it interferes with my asthma, but I'm going to have to try

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